Black Elk Shamanic Healing System



Ben Black Elk is the son of the great Black Elk of the Sioux tribe of North American Indians. A dedicated medicine man and healer like his father, he also interpreted his fathers Lakota works in order for  John Neihardt to write the thought provoking book, Black Elk Speaks in 1931. Though his father stands out in Native American Indian Folklore, Ben himself achieved much in his life time continuing his fathers work and ensuring the Indian culture would not bee lost and forgotten.

Dean Kingett channeled this system with his spirit guide, Ben Black Elk in 2012. The system is a stand on its own system but works in conjunction with any other healing modality you may choose to use it with for the highest and greatest good.

Knowledge of Shamanism is not required as the energy and healing system was brought for the benefit of all to use. Your attunement will bring you a sacred (ethereal) Shamanic wand and rattle to use if you wish and also give you the ability to open a vortex to enable you to recycle negative energy into positive energy by using simple symbols.


  • Unblock energy within the bodies
  • Heal Ailments
  • Break Up Negative or Stagnant Energy that Blocks the natural flow within the body and aura
  • Cleanse and purify rooms or objects
  • Repair and Cleanse the Aura
  • Repair Rips or Tears in the Aura
  • Protection
  • Balance and Align the Chakras
  • Burns, Painful Areas
  • Take negative energy away from people, objects, places
  • and More!


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