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Dreams provide us with images that are deeply meaningful to us – and they do so in a way that circumvents our resistances as we are tapping into the subconscious while dreaming.

Pairing dream imagery with visualization offers many advantages over prepackaged visualization tapes or waking guided imagery exercises alone which the person may not relate to.

Dreams show us emotions we are not in touch with in waking life.

Dreams show us how we participate in the stresses in our lives by our reactions to them.

Dreams show us where in our lives we are at dis-ease – and put us in touch with our personal conflicts.

Dreams show us possibilities for new responses.

In work with cancer patients over the past decade, it has been seen how powerful dream imagery can be. It is believed that work with dream imagery has application for other types of illness too – and for anyone seeking a fuller sense of wellness in life. We use the recognized and proven modalities of visualization and active imagination techniques and take them to the next level by customizing them with the individual’s own dream imagery.

Vasily Kasatkin a psychiatrist who wrote a Theory on Dreams, drew conclusions relevant for all of us who want to deepen our understanding of the relationship between physical health and dreaming. In his discussion of prodromal dreams Kasatkin states that because the line between consciousness and unconsciousness is easy to trespass in dreams, latent diseases usually manifest first in dreams. Kasatkin wants us to know that a dream is the way for the unconsciousness to tell the conscious mind about latent energy shifts. So dreams are the easiest way to scan the general health status of the body

Candace Pert worked with her own dreams. She said – and I quote, “Dreams are direct messages from your body/mind, giving you valuable information about what’s going on physiologically as well as emotionally. Strong emotions that are not processed thoroughly are stored at the cellular level. At night, some of the stored information is released and allowed to bubble up into consciousness as a dream. Capturing the dream and re-experiencing the emotions can be very healing, as you either integrate the information for growth or decide to take actions toward forgiveness and letting go.” Candace Pert was an American neuroscientist and pharmacologist who discovered the opiate receptor, the cellular binding site for endorphins in the brain.

It is significant that the amygdala and hypothalamus, which are both highly active during dreaming, have 40 times the opiate and neuropeptide receptors as other parts of the brain. Positively impact them – and they can have a positive impact on the immune system, pain control and dis-ease.

Your unconscious holds the answers to your biggest questions and is waiting to assist you in even the smallest of tasks. Learn more on how to use your sleep to your benefit and start manifesting the life you want through your dreams.

Becoming conscious in our dreams can absolutely transform our waking reality in ways you may not have thought possible.

Dreams have transformed aspects of so many people’s lives – why not learn how to make the most of all that time you spend sleeping?

Transform your night-time into an opportunity to work with your unconscious mind so that you can ask questions, resolve issues, set intentions and heal past traumas. When you start to work with your Dreams the possibilities are endless, and the benefits will reach into every corner of your life.

How would you like to awaken in your Dreamtime and be able to bring messages back to daily life which could heal you, bring up some hidden creative talent or warn you of some upcoming incident

Science today tells us that there are worlds upon worlds beyond the surface of things. And Active Dreaming is about going there and bringing back data central to a “new” science that was actually discovered by dream travelers millennia ago: that whatever reality we inhabit is the product of our minds, and that consciousness is the heart of matter, as well as what matters.

During this course we will reclaim this ancestral wisdom, call on the power of the animal spirits and embark on shamanic journeys to places of healing and transformation in the world-behind-the-world.

So what is Shamanic Dreamweaving – It is a synthesis of modern Dreamwork and Shamanism.

A Shamanic dreamer is someone who not only dreams at night, but has the ability to go back into the Dreamtime through either meditation or drumming, to be able to communicate with Dream Guides, Animal Helpers, Ancestors and bring back gifts of healing and creativity

We now have compelling scientific evidence of precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance and other supernormal abilities that come especially alive while dreaming.

Dreams are the mysterious language of the night. Since the dawn of time, Dreamweavers have slipped through the crack between the two worlds to touch the reaches of inner space and reap the harvest of the night. These secret messages from the mind can contain creative inspiration or assist in melting the barriers in your life. Dreams can serve as a doorway to the mystic arena of the night for inner-dimensional travel and communication on the inner realms with loved ones.

You will learn how to use the Dreamtime for healing and Creativity. Often the healing is not just psychological. Many people believe in the potential for physical healing through visualization, such as the method in which patients imagine their body’s immune system healing diseased cells in the form of coloured light.

Studies have shown that this kind of visualized healing can help to reduce stress, enhance the immune system and lessen pain in many patients. These techniques are dependent upon our ability to visualize, something not all of us find so easy. A company in America is successfully using Dreamweaving for cancer patients (reports are included in this course)

In Shamanic Dreaming, however, the playing field is levelled, because it is the most vivid and complete visualization we can experience. Applying those healing techniques within Shamanic Dreaming dream may prove far more effective than any visualization done in the waking state.

Course Outline:

Module 1


The Subtle Body during Dreams

What are Dreams?

Three Categories of Symbols

Dreams from a scientific point of view

Dreams from a psychological point of view

Dreams from a metaphysical point of view

Why is it important to analyze or dreams?

Audios:        Program your Life through Programming your Dreams

Integrating Healing Symbols

Module 2

Shamanic Dreamweaving

What is shamanic Dreamweaving

What is a Modern Shamanic Dreamer?

How to become a Dream Shaman

The cost of typical “dreaming”

Meditation: Mental Relaxation

Audios:        The Art of Dreaming – Vivid Exploration

Power of Dreams



Module 3

Different Types of Dreams

Healing Dreams

Recurring Dreams


Night Terrors

We can receive advice in a Dream

We can receive a diagnosis through a Dream (Prodromic Dreams)

Precognitive Dreams

Early warning Dreams

Prophetic Dreams

Dreams and Children

Audio: Guided meditation for children – your secret room, make a wish

Module 4

Inventions inspired by Dreams

Module 5

Famous Dreamers

Module 6

Ancient Dreamers

Module 7


The State between Sleep and Wakefulness

Between Sleeping and Waking

Exercise:      Visual Doorways – stepping into a picture

Audio:         Dream Creation – Healing Sleep guided meditation 

Module 8

Dream Guides

Dream Guide Meditation

Audio:         Meet your Guide

Module 9

Healing temples of ancient Greece

Exercise:      Journey to the Temple of Healing

Meditations: Unforgotten Inner Wellness

Module 10


Using your imagination

The body believes in Images

There is a Place of Imagination and it is entirely Real

Audio: Visit Your Spiritual Temple – Using powerful ancient imagery, you will journey to your Inner Spiritual Temple to prepare your body, mind and spirit to enter deep into the heart of the Temple. Here you receive guidance and a deep mystical connection with the Divine

Extras:         Meditation & Visualization module –

Course Contents: Introduction to Meditation, Types of Meditation, Mantras and Mudras, Creative Visualization, Transmutation Breathing, Exercises, Decision Making with Meditation

Extra bonuses: Audio: Quiet the Mind Meditation, Meditation on the Breath, Connecting with your Higher Self, Meditation on the Breath, E-books: Mantras for Beginners, 10 Healing Mudras

Module 11

The importance of Dreams

The Healing Power of Dreams

Reaching the Great Spirit

Audio: Bring forth Abilities from your Dreams

Module 12

Tools for the Dreamtime – Journal

Dream Journal

Importance of a Dream Journal


How to Create

Video: How to keep a Dream Journal

Module 13

Tools for the Dreamtime – Dream Altars

The Creation of your Dream Altar



Using your Dream Altar

Video: Creating an Altar

Module 14

Tools for the Dreamtime – Dream Plants

Module 15

Tools for the Dreamtime – Dream Stones

Crystals for Healing and Dream Recall

Dream Stones

Crystal under Pillow: Basic Dream Technique

Program a Crystal for Dream Intuition

Make a Crystal Dream Pillow

Crystal Grids for Dream Recall

Module 16

Tools for the Dreamtime – Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatcher Lore

Make your own Dreamcatcher with videos

Module 17

Tools for the Dreamtime – Feng Shui

Module 18


Techniques of Dreamwork

We can choose Dream Drama

We can use these Guidelines for Dreamwork

Examine another Character’s viewpoint

Attend to your Creation

Module 19

Ways to Break a Dream drought

Set an Intention for the Night

Be Ready to Receive

Be Kind to Fragments

Still no Dream Recall

You do not need to go to sleep in order to Dream

Meditation: Enter the Mystical Library of Dreams

Module 20

Dream Recall

Before you go to Bed

Recall methods after Sleep

Module 21

Dream Incubation

What is Dream Incubation?

Incubate solutions to Problems

Techniques of Dream Incubation

Module 22

Dreams as a Portal to Healing

Dreamwork is a Process for achieving that Goal

The “language” of the Dreaming Brain

What does this have to do with Dreams and Healing?

Now let’s talk about how to apply that Science


The Healing Power of Dreams and Nightmares

The IASD Dream Work with Cancer Patients Project Healing through Dreamwork – Rachel G. Norment

Module 23

Dream Re-entry

Journey Down the River of Dreams

Audio: Journey to a Sacred Stream: Journey to a sacred stream and submerge yourself in the healing waters. Feel the depth of your own soul and learn to relax deeply into your own soul’s energy. Let go of anxiety, cares and worries and feel cleansed. Then journey to your own private sanctuary and receive healing to all parts of your being.

Module 24

Shamanic Soul Flight – the Shaman’s passage to the Spirit World

What is the Shamanic Journey or Soul Flight

How does one Journey

What is the Journey for

Destination and Purpose

What does the Journeyer Experience?

Trust the Critical Mind

Can I Journey?

Struggling with Journeying

Drumming for Journeying

Power Animals and Teachers

How to Take a Shamanic Journey


Before the Journey

The Journey

9 Steps

After the Journey

General Guidelines

The Shamanic Journey in Perspective

Exercise:      Journey through the Planes to an Elder

Videos:        Drumming Mediation and Journey on your Healing Path

Audios:        Meet your Spirit Guide

Healing Meditation

30 min Drumming Track to use for the Journey

Module 25

Learning from Creative Dreamers

Summary of what we Can Learn from Creative Dreamers

Audio:          Creative Dreaming Patricia Garfield PhD

Module 26

How to Catch your Dreams

Questions for Contemplation

Module 27

Some Common Dream Symbols and their Meanings

Module 28

How to Find and Use Dream Portals

Module 29

Weaving it all Together



Chakra Healing

Healing Flushes 1 – 6 (value $50)

Consecrating the Lightbody and raising the vibration in your cells (value $300)

DNA Healing

Shaman Power (value $19.99)



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