Surviving a changing world – Protect your mental health in times of fear, crisis and uncertainty



The coronavirus pandemic is affecting people’s lives in ways they did not think possible.

More than one-quarter of the world’s 7.8 billion people were largely confined to their homes, as governments stepped up curbs on movement and social contact in a bid to contain the virus.

In many parts of the world borders were closed, airports, hotels and businesses shut and school cancelled. These unprecedented measures are tearing at the social fabric of some societies and disrupting many economies, resulting in mass job losses and raising the specter of widespread hunger.

Much remains uncertain, but analysts say the pandemic and the measures we are taking and have taken to save ourselves could permanently change the ways in which we live, work and play in the future. Envisioning that post-pandemic world is key in ensuring we change for the better, not the worse.

What does the future look like?

A global, novel virus that keeps us contained in our homes – maybe for months – is already reorienting our relationship to the outside world, even to each other. Some countries have lifted lockdown, others not, South Africa being in Level 2 lockdown at the moment.

Who knows what will happen now that there has been an upsurge in cases in Italy again – will they go into total lockdown again – time will tell?

Some changes these experts expect to see in the coming months or years might feel unfamiliar or unsettling: Will nations stay closed? Will touch become taboo? What will become of restaurants? In our part of the world over 90% of the restaurants have closed down permanently.

But crisis moments also present opportunity: more sophisticated and flexible use of technology, less polarization, a revived appreciation for the outdoors and life’s other simple pleasures. No one knows exactly what will come, but here is our best stab at a guide to the unknown ways that society – healthcare, the economy, our lifestyles and more – will change.

This loss of innocence or complacency is a new way of being in the world that we can expect to change. We know now that touching things, being with other people and breathing the air in an enclosed space can be risky.

How quickly that awareness recedes will be different for various people, yet it can never vanish completely for anyone who lived through this year. It could become second nature to recoil from shaking hands or touching our faces – and we might all find we cannot stop washing our hands.

The regulatory bureaucracy might well have dragged its feet on this for many more years if not for this crisis. The resistance – led by teachers’ unions and the politicians beholden to them – to allowing partial homeschooling or online learning for K-12 kids has been swept away by necessity. It will be near-impossible to put that genie back in the bottle, with many families finding that they prefer full or partial homeschooling or online homework. For many college students, returning to an expensive dorm room on a depopulated campus will not be appealing, forcing massive changes in a sector that has been ripe for innovation for a long time.

And while not every job can be done remotely, many people are learning that the difference between having to put on a tie and commute for an hour or working efficiently at home was always just the ability to download one or two apps plus permission from their boss. Once companies sort out their remote work dance steps, it will be harder and more expensive to deny employees those options. In other words, it turns out, an awful lot of meetings (and doctors’ appointments and classes) really could have been an email. And now they will be.

Over the last several months we have seen a massive change in our priorities and the economy has echoed this to a great degree. Sales of food and health products have gone through the roof, while sales of clothes, makeup, cars, etc., (you know, the stuff we do not really need but think we need to attain some kind of happiness) has plummeted.

It seems that most of us are wondering what the future will hold and how this pandemic will change the way we do things, but I feel there is no way to escape the change in perspective that it will bring.

This is our silver lining. It will hopefully allow us to look back on this time and feel there were some benefits.

The pandemic has robbed us of milestones, livelihoods, jobs, events and so much more. We are all searching for ways to fill the holes, and this is made much harder in this tense atmosphere. During this time, we can recreate meaning to build and maintain our connections to ourselves and to others, especially in a world that reminds us that life is fragile.

With this, we were given the power of stillness and the opportunity to unapologetically slow down. There is no other situation other than an outbreak of a virus where our world would come to such a pause. This will most likely be an opportunity that we never get again (and ironically, we are all hoping we will not ever get again).

As such, now more than ever – for those who are still under lockdown – this is the time to go within and be still with yourself. Heal, remove emotional blockages, meditate and practice mindfulness or some form of outlet that speaks to you. Take this opportunity to do the inner work that you previously had no time for. If ever there was time for personal transformation, it is now.

And as the lockdowns begin to lift, perhaps we will see the value in living a quieter and more peaceful life.

Let us learn from this situation and do what we can to preserve nature, to bring more stillness into our lives and to never take people or our health and safety for granted again. As always, individual change and transformation will always triumph.

Module 1



Module 2

How current events can harm mental health

Inability to tolerate uncertainty

The effect of negative feelings on our thoughts

The Student Daily Stress Questionnaire

These issues can go on to impact our life in major ways


Module 3

Mental health impacts physical health

Three stages of response to stressors

Immune system dysfunction


Module 4

Signs of mental and emotional distress

Emotional symptoms

Managing emotional reactions

Physical symptoms

Managing physical reactions

Cognitive symptoms

Managing cognitive reactions

Behavioral symptoms

Managing behavioral reactions


Module 5

Dealing with depression during COVID-19

Understanding depression

How COVID-19 affects depression

Isolation and loneliness

Troubled relationships


Stress levels

Unhealthy ways of coping

Change your focus

Distract yourself

Simple sources of joy

Limit consumption of news

Maintain a routine

Express gratitude

Find new ways to engage with others

How to really connect with others

Move beyond small talk

Healthy daily habits

Get moving

Eat a mood-boosting diet

Sleep well

Use reminders to keep on track


Module 6

Children and depression

Be aware of the signs of depression

Symptoms of depression in children

Talking about feelings

Steps to engage your depressed child

Seeking treatment


Module 7

Managing your anxiety and fears

Be careful of what you share

Focus on the things you can control

Plan for what you can

How to stop “what-ifs” from spiraling

Simple yet effective technique

Stay connected

Emotions are contagious

Take care of your body and Spirit

Follow guidelines to prevent spreading the virus

Visualize to reduce anxiety and worry

Guided visualization to reduce anxiety and worry


Module 8

Ways to counteract fear checklist


Ways to counteract fear with positive action

Identify the fear

Think positively

Relaxation techniques


Be patient


Ask for help

Get informed



Engage role models

Be grateful





Talk it out

Envision the worst-case scenario




Module 9

Dealing with uncertainty

The role of uncertainty in life

Learning to cope with uncertainty

Take action over the things you can control

Actively deal with your emotions

Challenge your need for certainty

Micromanage people


Repeatedly check things

How to challenge these behaviors?

Advantages and disadvantages of certainty

What is absolutely certain about in life?

Will bad things happen just because you are uncertain?

Learn to accept uncertainty

Identify your uncertainty triggers

Recognize when you feel the need for certainty

Let go

Focus on the present


Module 10

Ways to positively address financial worries and concerns

Understanding financial stress

Effects of financial stress on your health

The vicious cycle of poor financial health and poor mental health

Talk to someone

Getting professional advice

Opening up to your family

Make time for (inexpensive) family fun

Take inventory of your finances, or lack of them

Include every source of income

Keep track of ALL of your spending

List your debts

Identify spending patterns and triggers

Look to make small changes

Eliminate impulse spending

Go easy on yourself

When your financial problems go beyond money

Three step plan to tackle debt

Do not get derailed by setbacks

Create a monthly budget

Manage your overall stress

Practice a relaxation technique

Be grateful for the good things in life


Module 11

20 actions to quickly change your perspective and uplift your mood


Module 12

Dealing with pandemic fatigue

What is pandemic fatigue?

Signs of pandemic fatigue

The exhaustion of choice

The stress of unwinding

It is not forever


Module 13

Job loss and unemployment stress

The stress of losing a job

Allow yourself to grieve

Facing your feelings

Give yourself time to adjust

Write about your feelings

Accept reality

Avoid beating yourself up

Think of your job loss as a temporary setback

Look for any silver lining

Reach out to stay strong

Develop new relationships after your job loss

Network for new employment

Involve your family for support

Helping children cope with a parent’s job loss

Keep an open dialogue with your children

Make sure your children know it is not anybody’s fault

Children need to feel as if they are helping

Find other ways to define yourself

Get moving to relieve the stress

Eat well to keep your focus

Take care of yourself

Stay positive to keep up your energy

Create a job search plan

Focus on what you can control


Module 14

Surrendering and the art of allowing

Beauty, joy, wonder and miracles

Focus on something greater than you

Spend more time living your passion

Be kind to yourself

Practice gratitude every day


Module 15

Staying grounded in uncertain times

Physical techniques

Mental techniques

Soothing techniques


Module 16


Fearful thinking is responsible for unclear thinking

Are your choices currently based on love or fear?

People pleasing

Self-care is about honoring ourselves

Giving yourself permission

Self-care rituals

Make some tea

Take a bath

Create a personal altar

Find some nature

Give something away

Make a list

Stimulate your mind

Reroute your vocabulary

Compose your thoughts

Self-care box

How to make your own self-care box

Using your self-care box


Module 17

Mental breaks

Our tendency to drive ourselves further

The need to cultivate downtime

Daydreaming helps us problem solve

Go ahead and take that nap

The restorative power of nature

Meditation helps you pay attention

Life is a string of moments

A good night’s sleep

Taking breaks helps you achieve more

How often should you take a break?

How long should you break for?

Move around during your breaks

Breathe during your breaks

Vacations: Are they as good as we think?

Time off makes you more productive overall


Module 18

Breathing tension away

Abdominal breathing

Anti-panic breathing

Gentle breathing

Relaxing your muscles


Module 19

Coloring mandalas to relieve stress

Refocusing our attention

What does adult coloring do to relax people?

Is there research to support it as a form of relaxation?

Free mandala coloring pages


Module 20

Process emotions workbook


Module 21

Protect mental health workbook


Module 22

Daily planner



Beautiful calm energy (Value $28.00 / R461)

Beautiful calm energy, self-esteem, confidence, self-worth, heal relationships, communication/throat chakra, third eye, heart chakra, more

It is an excellent energy for meditation that will heighten the profoundness of our inner journey and support spiritual growth. It takes us easily to the higher realms and helps us to make heart felt spiritual connections that have an amazing beauty and depth.

It has a sweet calming energy that is effective to help stress and tension. Its vibration helps us to deal with stress, depression and anxiety. And it is wonderful energy system to create a peaceful and harmonious space for healing. Beautiful Calm Energy moves throughout our entire body, healing areas of the aura that need help and activating all of the chakras.

It first makes a connection at the heart chakra and this is a beautiful and profoundly loving energy that brings emotional healing, thus that helps us to release tension and stress, and may aid hypertension.

It calms the brain and releases the tension there which allows us to utilize the power of the brain and mind and helps with enhancing creativity when the energy moves up to the Third Eye Chakra.

It is also aid communication and may stimulate our throat chakra. Its calm energy allows our self to flow with the energy and follow what comes forth as it may create experiences for inner growth. Beautiful Calm Energy vibration aids all of the chakras below the heart by clearing stagnant energy as it activates them and its action within the brain will help the solar plexus chakra to operate better.

When we work at the Sacral Chakra, its energy aids the healing of relationship problems where there is stagnant energy in that area that is difficult to shift. Its lovely healing energy aids self-esteem and may help us if we have self-confidence or self-worth issues. It helps to heal relationships of all kinds, including those with the people we work with, friendships, personal love relationships and most of all may aid us to feeling more loving towards our self.

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We live in a world where we constantly are exposed to and absorb into our bodies and blood systems substances that are toxic to our well-being. While most things are eliminated through the elimination and endocrine gland systems, some things are retained by the body indefinitely.

Body Toxic Cleansing channeled to help:

Gently flush out toxins and heavy metals from the physical body without going through the endocrine gland system ; Healing profiles for all the physical body organs and systems especially ones to strengthen and upgrade the central nervous, circulatory, elimination and endocrine gland systems and all organs and glands ; Purification of the blood ; Clearing and healing the brain chemistry and cleansing the minds and brains ; Healing profiles for the chakras, meridians, strange flows, nadis and energetic systems ; Healing profiles to heal any blocks people may have to the optimal circulation of prana /chi/life force energy throughout their energetic bodies, organs and systems; Healing profiles to help restore the most perfect possible level of alkalinity and oxygenation; Healing profiles to clear out and heal negative, dark, heavy, slow-moving, stuck, congested, damaged, blocked energies from the physical and energetic bodies, quantum fields/particles and energetic spaces; Healing wash for areas where toxins and heavy metals are released and for the entire quantum fields, parts and particles; energetic bodies, organs and systems; genetics and DNA blood

Disappointment Flush – Flush away the emotional impact of disappointment (Value $20.00 / R329)

Disappointment Flush was founded by Mariah Windsong Couture.

The following is from Mariah’s manual:

“Disappointment Flush energetically flushes away the emotional impact of disappointment and helps you be ready to think of your next step.”

Dynamic Happiness Flush (Value $27.00 / R444)

Dynamic Happiness Flush stimulates positive feelings such as happiness and appreciation for all that we have in our lives. This is rarely owned by many people, which ultimately push them to act and have greedy mindset and justifies any means to achieve their desires. While appreciation for all that they have been neglected.

Being positive is very necessary because it has a dynamic energy and will increase the energetic relationship between the brain and heart. Dynamic Happiness Flush has a strong spiritual energy, which can help our awareness, provide assistance in accessing the memory of the soul, helping us in our Spiritual learning.

Dynamic Happiness Flush increased positivity to help us to understand our self and the world around us. Assist us in rebuilding spirituality and encourages the mind to hear the heart’s desire and understanding them to achieve what is needed. With the Dynamic Happiness Flush, improved health, happiness and prosperity can be enjoyed.

Emotional Balance Assistance Device – Enhance mental/spiritual power, harmony to social life, connection to higher realm, higher meditation state (Value $27.00 / R444)

Emotional Balance Assistance Device is a mental toxic remover and as a restoring tool for your mental and emotional to a purest condition to prevent unnecessary action and thought. It has a unique vibrational energy to push up inner spirituality and help to reach the higher meditation state.

Emotional Balance Assistance Device works to enhance your mental and spiritual power to bring harmony in social life and promotes a connection to a higher realm. Emotional Balance Assistance Device give a great sight of sign of nature in maintaining and full fill your heart, mental and spiritual with love, happiness, compassion and also lift your personal quality.

Peace Flame – Chakras/Stress Relief & More (Value $30.00 / R494)

Peace Flame from Hari ~ Chakras/Stress Relief & More Peace Flame is a calm and powerful energy channeled to calm the mind and alleviate continual worry, anxiety, hypertension and obsessional thought patterns. Peace Flame works through Solar Plexus chakra, Heart chakra and Sacral Chakra.

The energy of this tool is powerful to help us in situations of grief and sorrow. Assists in moving through the emotions with grace and balance. This energy is also strengthens and shields aura from unwanted energies. Dispels attached entities, thought forms.

Peace Flame promotes inner security, especially where one’s upbringing has been lacking in parental love or financial security. This spray promotes self-esteem, a positive attitude, courage in the face of adversity, and the removal of any ancestral or personal emotional patterns that have led to a feeling of unworthiness or lack of self-belief.


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