Awaken and heal the Divine Masculine



As we awaken on an individual and collective level and the old structures and paradigms that dominated our world begin to collapse, we have an unprecedented opportunity to take an eagle eye’s view of the human condition and evaluate the underlying forces that have shaped us into our current disconnection from the Earth and each other.

This expanded view gives us powerful tools and perspectives for our own healing.

While the traumas suffered by women and the feminine during our recent past have been clearly recognized and described, the suffering of men and the masculine have remained more invisible. It Is time to shed light on these so that men can move forward and recover their Divine Masculine light.

The redefining of the Sacred Masculine principle is the dawn of a new vibrant Light, a mature masculinity that is not abusive, domineering or grandiose, but generative, creative and empowering.

He is vulnerable without shame, revealing that his now discarded armor of invulnerability was nothing more than an illusion that hid his true power. He is now free and open to rediscover and reconnect with the power of nature and the cosmos.

He is ready to establish true relationships with authenticity and integrity. The Great Mystery moves through him, reminding him constantly that he is it and it is him. He is a force of nature first, a man second, the spear of Gaia herself. And no amount of perceived invulnerability can guard against it.

Without the parochial armor of old weighing him down, he frees himself to honor the path of descent, where he engages with the unconscious underworld and is initiated by the Great Mystery itself.

Together with the Divine Feminine, this new Divine Masculine is prepared to engage with the world in a way never before seen.

Men who suppress their Divine Feminine energies are crippled in their ability to become whole, to truly live a life in abundance and to build their empire together with their Divine Feminine partner. They are chasing external factors, such as money, fame, cars, houses, watches, luxury and so on. He has not learned (yet) to do the inner work, to get into his heart space and feel the unconditional love that he is and receives.

A man, embracing both of his Divine energies is so much more powerful than someone who is pushing through life with total unconsciousness. And yet, he knows that he is, he never feels superior, he never gets back into competition mode. He is the creation force for his Divine Feminine partner.

Embracing the Divine Masculine allows men to get in touch with their Spirituality, connect to the Higher Self and follow its guidance. Getting in touch with the Divine Masculine requires the study, as well as experiencing the mature energies of masculinity or the mature archetypes of the masculine: The King, The Magician, The Warrior and The Lover.

I wish for you the blessing of the Divine Mother who lives within you as energy and vitality and the blessing of the Divine Father who resides within you as consciousness and knowledge. May they always take care of you, protect you and guide you, and in their infinite love, lead you to the Cosmic Consciousness.


Module 1


Module 2

The Divine Masculine – What does it mean?

Grow Spiritually and expand your consciousness

All life is sacred at its core

Unity, service and gentle strength

Unity of the head and heart

Increasing flow and ease to our life

He speaks his truth

Heal and transform the wounds within

Module 3

The capacity to be whole

Don a false self

Psychological damage to men in patriarchy

Wound in the male Spirit

Workaholism or substance abuse

Not given the emotional space to grieve

Speak fear without shame

Step out into the world

Module 4

Shiva and Shakti

All-in-one Divine consciousness

Shiva represents consciousness and awareness

Shakti represents activating power and energy

We carry within us both aspects of the Divine

Shiva is pure being

Shakti is pure becoming

Shiva-Shakti union

Expand your awareness

Goddess mantras

Shakti visualization

Videos:      OM Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Svaha

                Balance male-female energy – Harmonize inner energy field

Module 5

Healing the father wound

Most pervasive, most important and least recognized problem

Childhood wounding can be healed

The father’s role of initiator

Distinct lack of “father energy” in the world

The impact of the father wound

Healing the father wound

Let your inner child speak its truth

Reach back in time to process unexpressed emotions

Express disappointment, frustration and anger

Forgiveness work

Re-parenting yourself

Write a letter to your younger self

Gestalt therapy

Invest in friendships with other men

Your next steps and moving forwards

What did you miss visualization?

Exercise: Disappointment with Dad

Guided meditation

Video:       Healing the father wound

Module 6

Why the psychology of archetypes is important?

Universal personality forms

A suggested practice

Module 7

Boyhood archetypes

The Divine Child

The shadows of the Divine Child

The High-chair Tyrant

The Weakling Prince

Integrating the Divine Child archetype as an adult

The Precocious Child

The shadows of the Precocious Child

The Know-it-all Trickster

The Dummy

Integrating the Precocious Child archetype as an adult

The Oedipal Child

The shadows of the Oedipal Child

The Mama’s Boy

The Dreamer

Integrating the Oedipal Child archetype as an adult

The Hero

The shadows of the Hero archetype

The Grandstander Bully

The Coward

Integrating the Hero archetype as an adult

Module 8

The King

The characteristics of the King in his fullness

The shadows of the King archetype

The Tyrant

The Weakling

How to access the King archetype

Module 9

The Warrior

The Warrior in his fullness

The shadows of the Warrior archetype

The emotional wound in the Warrior

How the Warrior wound develops

Meeting your Inner Warrior ritual

Module 10

The Magician

Why are men so drawn to magic?

The characteristics of the Magician in his fullness

Initiation and the modern obstacle to accessing magician energy

The shadows of the Magician archetype

How to integrate the Magician archetype

The emotional wound in the Magician

Module 11

The Lover

The shadows of the Lover archetype

Integrating the Lover archetype

The emotional wound of the Lover archetype

Module 12

The unawakened masculine

Survival or autopilot mode

Always trying to control everyone

A false sense of safety

Trigger questions to stimulate self-reflection and healing

Module 13

Embracing sensitivity

Men are struggling to let go of their old warrior habits

Sensitivity and courage can complement each other

Things every sensitive man should know

How to embrace your sensitivity?

Sensitivity as a gift and not a weakness

Living a life that honors and utilizes all the strengths within you

Module 14

Put down your sword

Warriors of the heart

A new kind of courage is needed

Create a kinder, more compassionate world

New courage of surrender

Realize and embody the truth of love

Module 15

Ancestral trauma

The dominance of patriarchy




How masculine patriarchal trauma shows up

Emotional denial, disassociation and confusion


Emotional projection

How men can help themselves

Owning the trauma

Awakening the emotional warrior

Awakening Divine Masculine service

Release work to rid oneself of ancestral trauma

Module 16

Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

Anima and Animus

The Anima explained

The Animus explained

Becoming whole

How to connect with your Anima or Animus

A man’s greatest gift to his woman

A woman’s greatest gift to a man

Video:       Balance, heal and integrate Divine Masculine meditation

Module 17

The importance of male Rites of Passage

How does a boy become a man?

Why did Rites of Passage matter to society?

Stages of a Rite of Passage




Why do we need Rites of Passage?

We must be willing to listen to our young people

Some traditional puberty rites

How and why did we lose the Rites of Passage?

Where are we now?

Module 18

Cacao to balance masculine and feminine

Mama Cacao shows us the path of our heart and Soul

A higher expression of ourselves

What is a Cacao ceremony?

How does it work?

How to hold a simple Cacao ceremony for yourself

Tidy your space

Prepare the Cacao

Opening the space


Set an intention for the day

The emotional and Spiritual benefits of a Cacao ceremony

Video:       Cacao ceremony

Audio:       Cacao Spirit song

Module 19

Sacred Union Ritual

Achieving balance between the two energy streams

Merging the energy streams Ritual

Module 20

Revocation and Invocation Ritual


Soul contract revocation

Call forth the ancestors

Ascension mantra for humanity

Module 21

Energy activation

Becoming Soul empowered

Energy activation meditation

Module 22

Father and son Ritual


When to do

Supplies needed

How to perform the Ritual

Module 23

Strengthening male friendships Ritual


When to do

Supplies needed

How to perform the Ritual

Module 24

Vision Quest

Why go on a Vision Quest?






What to expect?

The benefits of a Vision Quest

Module 25

Deep honoring in a relationship

New realities are formed in life

Honoring your beloved

To hold space for another

Module 26

Do you lack passion, fire or courage?

What is a masculine edge?

What are the benefits of developing your masculine edge?

How do you develop your masculine edge?


Passion and intensity

Cultivate directionality

Speak your truth

Putting everyone else’s needs above your own

Social tension

Get in touch with your anger

Audio:       Connect to your Divine Masculine

Module 27

Your inner voice

Identify and challenge our inner critic

Label it

Limit interaction

Postpone action

Seek distraction

Identify triggers

Module 28

Love yourself more

Love is an empowering energy

Loving yourself frees your Soul

Module 29

Weekly planner




Golden Dragon Pearl


Tune in and integrate the jewel of the dragon with the heart of Mother Earth and the Cosmos

Golden Pearl transcends the duality of the subconscious and the conscious, the sun and the moon are forming a single energy, the golden pearl. Activates and harmonizes the energy in the first and second chakra, foot contact with the earth and hips energy. It balances the inner core that sits the heart chakra and soul and ascend from the throat chakra to crown chakra with golden energy pervading everything. Activates the earth kundalini. There is a golden chamber around the physical heart, this is the golden dragon pearl. It activates your inner and outer divinity.

There is a place in your heart where sits the spiritual heart. Tune in and integrates the jewel of the dragon with the heart of Mother Earth and the cosmos.

Dragon’s Blood Energy

Dragons Blood Energy Infusion is a great system who has a wonder free energy for full manifestation of our life’s path. It helps us hold our reality to our desires by manifesting energy into physical form. It removes any blockages that keep us from aligning with our Higher Self. It is an ideal energetic tool for creative people and business owners by helping them actualize their dreams and create prosperity. Dragons Blood Energy Infusion is for attracting abundance and wealth and more.


Essential Earth Love

The Essential Earth Love represents the element of the Earth. When you attune and align with the energy of Mother Earth, she will provide you with all you need.

Earth is also associated with stability, nurturing, prosperity and support.

The Essential Earth Love help calm the emotions and bring the body back into a state of peace. It helps one to clearly communicate from a calm, cool state of expression. Essential Earth Love connect with the energy of the Earth’s vibration and consciousness. It helps one to understand that living in balance and having respect for the Earth is vital for us at this time.

The Essential Earth Love’s energy promotes confidence, abundance, and an increased sense of possibility. An energy with powerful regenerative energy, the Essential Earth Love is particularly recommended for people experiencing a sense of burn-out in financial matters. So if you’re in a period where you feel like you’re working hard but getting nowhere fast, or if the ladder of success is feeling more like a treadmill, it is for you.

Often those who are experiencing financial troubles feel themselves at the mercy of a system beyond their control. In such instances, Essential Earth Love will work to restore confidence and a sense of direction. Imparting what might best be called a sense of willful optimism, Essential Earth Love will also help to mitigate depression and eradicate irrational attitudes toward financial dealings. With its fast-acting energy, it will put you back in touch with a sense of what you need to survive in the world and will further improve communication from the soul to the ego.



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