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“I have been working for over 20 years with reflex zone massage. Later I start working with Reiki. My first experience was with Reflex zone massage for the feet. Feet are the most forgotten body parts needing a little kindness. Most people find feet, dirty or not worthy of any attention, even though our feet are carrying us our whole life. When you make contact with feet you will discover they can tell” stories. Also the hands and ears are telling us more then we notice at the first look. And when you discover wrinkles in the face or bold spots on the head. Is that a sign to run to plastic surgery or is the face telling a story? Both methods have in a short time a very relaxing effect on people. The problem with reflex zone massage on the feet is, you cannot keep the legs straight. During my work with Reiki I started more and more to send Reiki to the reflex zones on the feet and it worked well. After that I also started to send Reiki to the zones on ears, hands and head. I found out others liked this kind of treatment, so I brought them together in Zone Reiki. There are more zones to find (like in the nose, back). The ear, feet hand and head are the most common to work with. Zone Reiki uses Reiki energy instead of massage.

Zone Reiki is a holistic treatment. It works on physical, emotional and mental levels. Because of that reason always both ears, feet, hands are treated and the complete head. You can also include the elements in holistic work; Without nature we do not exist. We are in nature and nature in us.”

Tineke Wijnker

Levels: 4

Symbols: 7

Founder: Tineke Wijnker,

Prerequisite: Reiki Master



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