Buddha Palm Ki 1 – 5



Buddha Palm Ki healing technique is an advanced energy system that will activate and open the light of your palms and mind.

There are 5 attunements that you will receive 3 days apart.

All you need to do is schedule the first one and you will receive one every 3 days until all 5 are sent out, so they will take a total of 15 days to receive.

With these attunements you will learn

Strengthen and empower all Energy Systems
Awaken Kundalini Energy
Intensifies & Deepens all Meditation
Cleans all Meridians and Chakras
Powerful Healing Techniques
Long Distant Healing
Star, Sun and Earth Energies
Powerful Clearing Techniques

This is an extensive healing modality that will strengthen your connection to healing energy and give you new tools to work with.



Golden Coat
Strongest gTUMMO
Golden Palms
Golden Fire Palms
Golden Dragon Palms
8th Chakra Meditation
8th Chakra Meditation Variation
Cleaning the Flower Garden
Food for the Dragon
Playing with the Dragon
8th Chakra Activator
8th Chakra Activator for Kundalini
Synchron Technique: Shaktipat




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