The Empath’s Survival Guide: Coping with Overwhelming Emotions in an Unbalanced World



Empathy is a valuable trait that allows us to connect with others on a deeper level, but it can also be a double-edged sword. As empaths, we often find ourselves absorbing the emotions and energies of those around us, leaving us feeling drained, overwhelmed, and sometimes even lost in a sea of conflicting emotions. In today’s world, where the balance of emotions is often out of sync, it can be challenging to navigate this trait without feeling constantly overwhelmed. That’s where “The Empath’s Survival Guide: Coping with Overwhelming Emotions in an Unbalanced World” comes in. In this course, we will explore strategies and techniques to help you cope with the challenges of being an empath, so you can thrive in today’s world while staying true to your empathic nature.

Earth Angel Affirmation

I will treasure myself and vow to have people in my life who treasure me as well. I will use my sensitivities to better my own life and the world. I will celebrate the adventure of being an Earth Angel.

Every person on Earth carries a spark of Divine Light, but if the human mission on Earth is the personal growing, learning new lessons and increasing the amount of light inside, yet Earth Angels are on the very important global spiritual mission here – to make the world a better place – additionally to learning the personal lessons and perhaps working with karma if they have earned some in this or previous incarnation on Earth.

Earth Angels are not necessarily saints, they make all sorts of mistakes like everyone else does and feel lost at times.

They prefer to work in caring and helping professions – as doctors, nurses, social workers, care workers, healers, counsellors, teachers etc.

All Earth Angels receive a wake-up call at some point in their life when the Veil of Amnesia placed on them at birth gets slightly lifted revealing the truth of who they are and what they are here on Earth for. They are not necessarily the global, major tasks that only matter, every little help, every little act of kindness.

My dear Earth Angel, never forget who you really are, shine brightly your incredible light, touch and open people hearts with warmth, kindness, love and compassion, spread your wings and fly high.

Module 1


Module 2

What is an Earth Angel?

What does being an Earth Angel really mean?

Are Earth Angels and Empaths the same?


Being in public places can be overwhelming

Feeling others’ emotions and taking them on as your own

Watching violence, cruelty or tragedy on social media is painful

Digestive disorders and back problems

Always looking out for the underdog

Module 3

Are Earth Angels, Lightworkers, Starseeds and Empaths the same?


Earth Angels

Star Seeds


Module 4

Common characteristic of Earth Angels


Need to help others






Sense of purpose

Past lives


Module 5

Am I an Earth Angel?

Signs you may be an Earth Angel

Module 6

What type of Earth Angel are you?






Plant empathy


Module 7

Heyoka – The great Mirror

Signs you may be a Heyoka Empath

You can feel other people’s emotions

You can always spot a liar


You routinely interrupt people

The great mirror

You inspire life-changing insights in others

You are creative

You are an excellent judge of character

Sleep solutions

Traits of a Heyoka empath

Module 8

What is your role as an Earth Angel?

Great change

Raise individual and collective vibration

Module 9

Understanding Earth Angels

Reclusive and un-responsive

An awakened Earth Angel

Listen to and trust your intuition

Module 10

Common misunderstandings about Empaths

I am intuitive, I know things about people

I have feelings I do not recognize

Empaths are necessarily kind

I am an Empath and want to switch my abilities off

I feel energy from other people coming at me

Module 11

Earth Angels and the workplace

Crazy working environments

Finding overall balance

Module 12

Earth Angels and Relationships

Strategies to love an Earth Angel

Do not take things personally

Use the sandwich technique –  Make requests not demands

Observe the “no yelling” rule

Do not try and fix your partner

Module the sounds around you

Module 13

Consciously controlling your abilities

Overactive empathy and the downside

Pay attention to how you feel

Ask Source to take away energies that do not belong to you

Give yourself permission to enjoy yourself

Module 14

Why do Empaths feel lonely and what to do about this?

You put up walls to protect yourself

A damaged Empath

How to deal with chronic loneliness

How to better manage emotions

Module 15

Tools for transformation

Alternate nostril breathing


Buzzing bee breath



Essential oils

Module 16

Energy clearing and protection techniques

Cutting cords

Clearing your aura from negative thoughts

Close your aura

Balancing your chakras

Become non-reactive

Protect yourself through loving

Send negative energy into the earth

Ask for negative energy to be removed

Cocoon your body

Sweep it away

Vacuum it away

The White Light bubble technique

Use protective stones

Use Journaling, art and drawing

Cry as a form of emotional release

Sea Salt baths

Module 17


When do you ground?

What are the benefits of grounding?

Is there a best time to ground?

What are the best ways to ground yourself?

Surround yourself with nature

Center your Spirit

Grounding meditation

Audio:  Grounding meditation

Art Exercise – Tree Drawing

Module 18

Why Emotional Empaths stay lonely

Tips for feeling at ease in a relationship

Module 19

Stop emotional overload

Eat a small amount of chocolate

Temple hold

Short bursts of exercise


Module 20

Benefits of being an Earth Angel

You know when people are not telling the truth



Connecting with animals

Making the right decisions

You are able to feel when something bad is happening to someone you love

Module 21

Morning rituals

Light a candle

Lemon water

Practice yoga

Green smoothie

Embrace nature


Take a bath


Module 22

Are you a friend or a therapist?

Listen to your needs

Set boundaries


Choose your own side

Module 23

Protect yourself against energy vampires

Energetic boundaries

Ways to protect yourself from energy vampires

Module 24

Self-love practices


Herbal ritual baths

On the go wellness

Surround yourself with beauty, pleasure and plants

Module 25

Being an Empath or being empathic

The difference between being an Empath or being empathic

Module 26

A message for Earth Angels

You were hand-picked for this mission

Cleanse and protect yourself daily

Learn to say no

The Universal law of giving and receiving

Toxic relationships

Inner mischievous child


Earth Angel Planner

Art Exercise: Drawing Sri Yantra plus mediation 

Cutting cords manual


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