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 Divine Feminine Archetypes – Discover Yours (booklet 30 pages)

7 Main Female Archetypes

Archetype quiz

The importance of tuning in to the 7 Archetypes

Who is the Mother Female Archetype

Who is the Queen Female Archetype

Who is the Mystic Female Archetype

Who is the Sage Female Archetype

Who is the Lover Female Archetype

Who is the Huntress Female Archetype

Who is the Maiden Female Archetype

Overview of all Female Archetypes

My top 7 Female Archetypes

Archetype Collage

Archetype Story

Reflection on Connection

Archetype Comparison

Archetype Rejection

Playlist Embodiment

My Archetype Symbolism

Archetype Mind Map

My Archetype Timeline

Archetype Visualization

Visualization Reflection

20 Journal Prompt Questions

Journal Page Answers/Ideas/Thoughts

Positive Affirmations

Seven Sisters Poem

Self-Care & Gratitude Journal for Women 2024 (47 pages)

2024 Calendar

1 page per month

Self-care Planner

My morning routine

My evening routine

Today my meals

My schedule

Health self-care

Notes to Self

My Mood today

Self-care checklist

Daily self-care

My top priorities




Daily Affirmation


Self-care tracker

Daily Planner

Weekly Planner

Self-care Calendar

Weekly Self-care

Monthly Planner

Monthly self-care

Self-care Ideas

Habit tracker

Routine tracker

Gratitude Journal

Mood Tracker

Gratitude Tracker

My Manifestations

Vision Board

Gratitude Jar

Gratitude Cards

Positive Feedback

Gratitude List

Brain Dump

Life Checklist

Self-care Journey

Self-care Intention


To Do List



Star Goddess Oracle cards PDF & PNG (44)


Girl Power 3-piece wall art

Blue Goddess 9-piece wall art (PNG & JPEG)

This is for the women who are in the midst of an awakening, who are called to know and embody their sacred feminine power, may it be all of us. Your Sacred Feminine is calling. Intuition, healing, nurturing, communing with the moon. Wild, passionate, emotions as transient as the sea. You are pulled towards the mystic and the magic. You start to remember your Divine heritage, your Goddess, your sensuality, power, and innate knowing of ritual. You have broken open, the dark night of the Soul, or the many have left you open, vulnerable and burned. And yet you still rise, like the Phoenix with new gifts to share with a world in need.

You are leaving your domestication, your shame, guilt, false self and inhibitions in the ashes. You rise anew, reborn to your truth. Once again becoming the alchemist. Your rage and past hurts transmuted into passion and remedies. The inner healer, priestess, goddess, mother, leader is here to be seen, to be lived and to be shared. Her sacred art ready to be relearned and spread like wildfire; burning the old ideas, norms and taboos.

True, loving, raw, enduring relationships are what you hold by your side. Unafraid to say NO to anything less, your innate worthiness is known and you demand true union.Gossip, judgement, manipulation burned in the fires you set. You embrace your wild, your muse, your softness and nurturing ways. You run naked in the rain howling to the moon. You tenderly hold a child, a fellow Being as they melt into your chest.

You speak with plants, trees and the animals. You hear Mother Earth’s cry and bring her people home. You are bold, brazen naked in your truth.You honor your cycle, you shed and you cry. Your forgiveness and fluidity run from the rivers of your Soul. You are the Divine Feminine incarnate, you are the healing our world needs.


Module 1



Module 2

The Divine Feminine

What does it mean?

Masculine aspects

Feminine aspects

The Divine Feminine has been lost


Module 3

Essence of the Divine Feminine

Societies definitions


Module 4

Feminine power

Clearing and balancing


Module 5

Spiritual gateway

Feminine energy body


Module 6

Feminine source


Seat of kundalini

Absorbing energy

Dependency overload

Abuse or trauma wounding



Module 7

Energy work

Sacral lotus


Module 8

Levels of your feminine energy body




Maiden Goddess ritual for magical mornings

Mother Goddess ritual for self-nurturing

Crone Goddess ritual for awakening


Module 9

Ebbs and flows of the subtle body


Module 10

Working with this information

Grounding meditation

Retreat and calming meditation

Pulling forth wisdom


Module 11


Types of relationships

Spiritual relationships


Module 12

Going deeper

Relationships to clear


Module 13

Work with our physical body to release


Module 14

Healing the feminine wounds

Boundary weaknesses

Abusive relationship wounds

Ancestral or past-life wounds


Module 15

Sexual trauma or abuse wounds

Health issues/wounds

Difficulty in engaging in intimacy

Emotional upheavals and drama


Module 16

Nurture and care for yourself


Module 17

Emotions, creativity, sensuality, fluidity, sexuality

What is sexual energy?

Sights, sounds and smells


Module 18

Shame and self-blame

Release feelings of shame



Module 19

Channel and re-direct sacral energy


Competitive energy



Module 20

Healing the sacral

Time in nature

Contemplate your desires


Module 21

Absorbing and sharing energies

Energy body modes


Module 22

Masculine and Feminine


Module 23

Boundaries and intuition

Energetic boundary issues


Module 24

Emotional conditioning

What do you really want?

Owning our passions


Module 25

Passion, love and wisdom

Awakening your feminine power


Romantic relationships


Module 26

Manifesting and co-creating

Birthing of ideas

Spiritual connection


Soul purpose


Module 27

Your sacral gateway

Energy work

Co-creators with Source


Module 28

Sacred self-care

Sacred routine

Sacred purification

Sacred scent

Sacred food

Sacred nature connection

Transform your daily acts


Module 29



Module 30

Sacred womb mediation


Module 31



The importance of ritual

Includes 15 Audio


Bold Warrior Goddess Within (Value $25 / R375)

Clear the path, restore harmony, inner balance, peace, empower yourself to move for

This system embodies the energies of many Warrior Goddesses so that when we are feeling overwhelmed in our lives, we can call on the energies of this system to Find that Bold Warrior Goddess within to clear the path ahead and restore harmony, inner balance and peace within us – while empowering us to move ahead fearlessly! We can also evoke these powerful Goddesses for Protection!

Goddess Athena, Brigid, Macha, Andraste, Morrigan and Freya are the Warrior Goddess team.

Would you like to heal the attacks of feeling overwhelmed in life? If so, you have chosen the right healing system. In our life of hustling and bustling lifestyle of today we seem to suffer with periods of feeling simply overwhelmed and or defeated in our lives.

If we do not do something in those moments, then we find ourselves simply dying on the inside. The stress, anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm just eat away at us affecting all levels of our being. We lose ourselves in this cycle of mayhem and lose our personal will, strength, power and sense of self and sometimes it gets so bad that it can affect our physical health.

Thus, we are provided with this healing system so that the energies of this system can serve to reawaken the Bold Warrior Goddess within who is perilous and can accomplish any task big or small. The energies will reconnect us with our inner sense of direction and guidance. Then we connect to the truth of unlimited possibilities and potentials – and anything is possible. We can do anything we desire – all we have to do is put our minds to it and so it is done!

As we connect with the Bold Warrior Goddess aspect of our inner being we are able to get out of all the mental clutter and chaos in our minds and get in touch with our emotions – the realm of the heart (the heart chakra) – and get in touch with our Warrior Self aspect – the aspect of ourselves that can meet any challenge life puts on our path. We forget how much personal power we really have right inside us!

We sometimes forget about this Warrior aspect of ourselves and so these powerful Goddess energies blended together remind us – help us remember our true and courageous selves! We can then find the comfort of their protection in the midst of all of the chaos of hustling and bustling!

This system has a Spiritual Cleansing method that can be used for shielding and protection as well as assistance when we are overwhelmed plus much more! You will receive the attunement, lineage, certificate and 24 page manual.

The Warrior Goddess is BOLD – and COURAGEOUS and can CONQUER any challenge! The unknown territories of Life do frighten the Warrior Goddess! Rather the Warrior Goddess delves into the great unknown territories with a keen sense of ADVENTURE as she knows that there is no such thing as defeat. She knows that she has all the tools she needs to meet any challenge with great VICTORY and that there are BLESSINGS in store once the battle is over

Power of Ixchel Reiki (Value $54 / R809)

Goddess Ixchel (pronounced “ee shell”) means Lady of the Rainbows.  She was known for her many aspects including Medicine Woman, Protector of Women During Childbirth, Goddess of the Waters, Earth and Moon, Matron of Weavers and Artisans, Mother Earth, The Cave of Life, Lunar Goddess, Goddess of the Loom, Goddess of Midwifery and Medicine, Goddess of Abundance and Fertility, Madam of the Sea and Goddess of Healing and Transformation, and many more.  The Power of Ixchel Healing System assists in your connection to Her aspects, bringing her powerful energy into your life so that you can connect to the spiritual healer within you self.

Ixchel is a Triple Goddess embodying the aspects of Maiden, Mother and Crone.   Ixchel brings us joyfulness, happiness, health, abundant energy, vitality, benevolence, connection to our inner and outer beauty, sexuality, sexiness, connection to the Divine, protection, good luck, abundance, friendship, relaxation, spiritual connection, increased intuition, soul expression, help with meditation, luck, money, and of course healing.

Ixchel’s energy empowers us to refuse to become a victim of oppression of any kind by granting us personal power when facing adversity.  Her powerful energy can help you to take charge of your life and turn it around no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.  The energy of this system encourages you to acknowledge negative forces in your life.  She can prompt you to assert yourself fully under difficult circumstances.  She brings forth the knowledge that the Divine resides in all of us, showing us that the Divine lives and acts within us.  She can help you to honor your healing gifts.

It will be helpful to use a turquoise stone when you receive this attunement.  Many benefits of this stone are discussed in the manual.  Being attuned to this system will connect you with this stone for the rest of your life.

As Goddess of Healing, Ixchel can be called upon to heal any aspect or issue that you or your clients need.  With this attunement you will be able to call upon Her to aid you in all healing sessions.  The energies can be used both in person and at a distance.

Sacred Beauty Flush Empowerment (Value $25 / R375)

The Sacred Beauty Flush has been given unto us from Spirit to enable us to reclaim our divine beauty and perfection, our true feminine nature, so that we can access the softness within us, the gentle and nurturing side of ourselves that needs to be cultivated and honored always. As defenses are stripped away this will permit our authentic self to rise from within so that we can again trust and be open to love, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality.  The ability to be vulnerable with others will return. Our masks will peel away, and our guard will come down so that we are living and acting as our highest expression and divine presence. This powerful energy will awaken the love, beauty and strength that lives and acts within us when we are free from the blocks of false truths, misconceptions and wounds of the past.  This energy will aid us in discovering not only the sacred beauty within us but within All. At last we will embrace the beauty and truth of who we are in all our divine beauty and perfection, which lives within but radiates without.



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