Personal Imprint Removal




Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture

Personal Imprint Removal frees you from the bonds Their others feel is right to have with you. If you’ve felt tugged upon by anyone you’ve ever been romantically Involved with you know the feeling of someone who thinks That You Should Be theirs. Relatives Can Also cord and tug upon a person if they want to control you or you are not behaving as they want. Personal Imprint Removal is to remove prints you left from where you stepped before as well as any personal energy others noticed about you. Benefits you may receive after targeted activations of Personal Imprint Removal may include but are not limited to: Freedom from seemingly random tugs from past lovers. More peaceful night sleep as dreams become freed of visits and scenarios of people from your past For Their links with you are now dissolved.

Freedom from the barrage of peoples’ attempts to energetically cord you. Gain spiritual maturity and become adept at “cleaning up” after yourself. Remove traces of where you’ve been so there are no personal imprints of you for others to use to “track back” to your body and being . Selectively choose the imprints you want to remove and the ones you intentionally want to remain in place as invitations for trusted people and more…