Blessings of Hadimba Devi



Founder: Rishi Rohit Sharma, 2023

Prerequisite: None

Within the tapestry of existence, the threads of the spiritual and the earthly intertwine. There occasionally emerges a phenomenon that defies explanation – a phenomenon that beckons the individual to explore the realms beyond conscious comprehension. Such will be your journey with the Hadimba Devi Energy Healing System. This system is a radiant gem in the treasure trove of spiritual practices which came to Rishi during a dream – a dream that awakened his soul and unveiled the transformative power of Hadimba Devi’s divine blessings. It was a revelation, an epiphany, that set him on a path of self-discovery, faith and divine healing. Through these teachings you will embark on a voyage – a journey that traces the footsteps of awakening where you will be invited to treat the sacred path illuminated by Hadimba Devi’s energy. This system is not merely a collection of rituals and mantras; it is a testament to the boundless potential of faith and the eternal wisdom that resides within us all.

Within the channelled manual, you will encounter the mystique of Hadimba Devi – a goddess who defies conventional boundaries who invites you to embrace the extraordinary. You will witness the power of healing, the magic of transformation, and the gentle caress of divine grace. You are encouraged to approach this system with an open heart and a curious spirit, for it is in the receptivity of the soul that the most profound transformations occur. May these words be a beacon of light on your spiritual journey, and may you, too, experience the radiant blessings of Hadimba Devi’s energy as you explore the depths of this extraordinary healing system.