Blessings of Shani Dev – Connect with the God of Karma and Justice



Prerequisite: None

Blessings of Shani Dev was channeled in 2023 by Rishi Rohit Sharma.

Shani Dev is known as the God of Karma and Justice, and a popular deity that Hindus pray to ward off evil and obstacles in life. He is the Son of the Sun (Surya God), and his job is to reward or punish people for their deeds. This brings us to the act of Karma and how this attunement can help. Karma is the universal law governed by God. What you reap will be what you sow. If you are drinking milk, it won’t give you the effect of alcohol and if you are drinking alcohol it won’t taste like milk. You cannot rescue from the results or outcomes of your karma. The reactions to your actions will follow you and will affect you. Worshipping Shani Dev will not change the outcomes but it will change you. It will help you with a better understanding of your actions and their outcomes. Shani Dev wll not change anyone’s karma but he will guide you to give you time to rethink so you can start afresh with good karma therefore your good karma will balance out or diminish the effects of your bad karma. It will happen with a deep understanding of karma and with the blessings of Shani Dev.

Working with this attunement will help with the following and much more: 

* It will help to get rid of hardship and hindrances

* It will help in getting relief from inauspicious planetary positions.

* The system blesses with health, wealth, and happiness.

* The energies help in meditation and spiritual attainments.

* The systems help you in your career.

* The attunement can help with bringing relief from depression and


* Protection from accidents, diseases and theft.

* Protection from ailments & improves health.

* Boosting immunity and bestowing longevity.

* Protection from negative energies.

* Helps one to remove poverty, miseries, and hardships in life.

* Helping you to remove unnecessary fear and anxiety.