Kurama Kokyu Reiki Master Teacher Level



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This is the original system of Reiki using the ancient Japanese symbols rediscovered by Usui Sensei during his meditation on Kurama Yama Mountain near Hondon temple.

The energy is felt slightly different from other Reiki branches but is quite powerful and sometimes the results are spectacular.

The system is used not only for healing work but also for spiritual growth.

The course (available to those who have already reached Reiki Master/Teacher level) includes:

* The new history of Reiki
* 4 Kurama Kokyu Reiki symbols and their use are taught
* Kotodama – the sacred word of spirits
* Using Kotodama during the treatment
* Distant healing
* The secret mantra used by Usui sensei
* The secret Japanese mantra that activated all symbols
* The prayer used by Masters of Hondon temple
* Ancient Reiju process

Levels:  1
Symbols:  4
Founder: Shoden Priests
Prerequisite: Reiki Master



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