Expansive Love Empowerments 1 – 5



Expansive Love Empowerment Attunement – Strengthen/Deepen Relationships, Protects Quality of Relationships, Devotion, Love, More

With your purchase you will receive five manuals, five distant attunements and a certificate.

This system works not only on desire to have a relationship with fellow human beings, but also helps in our relationship to the Divine, our relationship to our desires, dreams and the relationship with the Universe.

Level 1, Sharp Cupid Arrows . Works by sending vibrations of love to someone we love. Just like Cupid, our love vibration that darted like an arrow piercing the heart of love quickly. Help others to better understand what we feel towards them.

Level 2, Heartbeat Radiance. Helps strengthen; deepen our relationships with other people or social group. Raise the vibration of a desire to unify, strengthen the relationship.

Level 3, Light Peace Dove. Helping to proclaim for peaceful sound of our feelings, to reconcile the divisions.

Level 4, Hard Shell. Assist us in protecting the quality of relationships, work automatically reflect the negative vibrations.

Level 5, Lovely Rhythm of Harp. Help us in expressing devotion and love.

Everyone wants to love and be loved. Everyone wants to connect or for their own = want to feel connected (it can raise self-esteem in a social group or a proof of the ability to separately connect with others).



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