Spirit Guide Connection Empowerment




Founder: Amanda Hadley


from the manual
The energies of this empowerment are from Source, from pure light and love to help connect you in a gentle and loving way with your guides.
I am frequently asked about how to connect with spirit guides and so I hope that this empowerment will aid others in making that unique and beautiful connection in their lives in order to enhance their lives, bring harmony and divine connectivity.
We all have spirit guides, they are ethereal, they may be from the angelic realms, ascended masters, light beings, spirit animals, ancestors, mythical creatures, etc. Our guides are assigned to us before we are born in to this life, to help us through this life experience.
All of our guides are loving and want to help and support whenever they can. Connecting with spirit guides is a peaceful and joyful experience, filled with love and light. Your guides can provide you with creative and unimaginable solutions, helping you to feel empowered and aligned with source energy.
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