White Candle – Spiritual Protection and Healing



Founder: Rishi Rohit Sharma, 2023

From the manual:

The White Candle Healing System is a radiant gem that is born from the depths of spiritual revelation and is nurtured by the loving embrace of divine energy. This is a profound journey into the realms of divine healing, protection and spiritual empowerment. This system is a gift from the heart of the universe and emerged during a moment of divine connection with the presence of Mother Mary. It is a system that carries the purity and luminosity of a white candle, a symbol of hope and transformation. As you embark on this sacred journey, you’ll come to know its radiant light and the transformative power it holds. “The White Candle” is more than just a healing system; it reveals a path of higher knowledge, self-discovery, spiritual empowerment, and selfless service to others. It is a path that transcends religious boundaries, welcoming seekers of all backgrounds and beliefs to partake in its profound wisdom.

Within the channeled manual, you will explore every facet of “The White Candle” Energy Healing System. You will discover the five pillars: Protection, Power, Prosperity, Positivity, and Peace – each a source of immense transformation in its own right. Through stories, insights, and practical guidance, you will learn how to incorporate these pillars into your life and the lives of those you touch. But this journey is not just about learning techniques; it’s about embarking on a profound inner quest. It’s about delving into the hidden recesses of your soul, uncovering the shadows that dwell within, and allowing the healing light of the white candle to illuminate even the darkest corners. As you read the messages that Rishi has brought through, you will find that “The White Candle” is not a system you simply practice; it is a way of living, it is a way of LIFE!. It is a way of living in harmony with the energies that flow through the cosmos, and it is a way of being a beacon of light and healing for yourself and others. All that is asked of you is to embrace the gifts of this energy in order to bring a transformative and illuminating energy into your life. Let the White Candle Healing energies light your way, guiding you towards a life of greater balance, harmony and spiritual fulfilment.

Within the 143-page manual, you will learn about the following and much more:

* Mother Mary: A Timeless Symbol of Divine Love and Compassion.

* The Eight Qualities of Mother Mary.

* The Twelve Stars of Mother Mary.

* Praying to Mother Mary for Healing.

* The Powerful Prayer to Mother Mary.

* The Radiant Energy of Candles.

* The Symbolism of White Candles.

* Exploring the Spiritual Meaning of Candles.

* What is a candle blessing?

* The Five Pillars of The White Candle.

* The Practical Application of The White Candle System.

* Charging White Candles.

* Illuminating the Mind Meditation.

* Guiding Dreams with ‘The White Candle’ System.

* Rebuilding Relationships with ‘The White Candle’ System.

* The White Candle System for Spiritual Protection.

* Benefits of ‘The White Candle’ Energy Healing System and much more.