Archangel Gabriel Golden Flame Reiki



Founder: Rishi Rohit Sharma

Prerequisite: None

The concept of the “Golden Flame” is quite often used in healing and spiritual practices to symbolize the divine mind or higher vibrational energy. It is associated with the color gold and is believed to have specific qualities and purposes within these practices. The Golden Flame, with its rich symbolism and transformative potential offers spiritual seekers and energy healers a path to self-discovery and healing. Whether it’s used as a tool for purification, a conduit for divine guidance, or a symbol of inner alchemy, the Golden Flame continues to illuminate the way for those on a journey of spiritual growth and healing. While its existence may be metaphorical, its impact on the human spirit is undeniably real, radiating the essence of enlightenment and divine connection.

Here is what the Golden Flame represents and why it is used in energy healing:

* Divine Light and Spiritual Connection

* Purification and Healing

* Transformation and Enlightenment

* Protection and Empowerment

* Chakra Balancing

* Setting Intentions

* Guidance and Inspiration

Within the 99-page manual, you will learn about the following and much more: 

* The Radiance of Life

* The Flame of Resurrection

* The Symbol of Endless Possibilities

* The Elemental Force of Fire

* Symbolism of Archangel Gabriel

* Other Colors Associated with Archangel Gabriel

* The Divine Connection of Gabriel’s Golden Flame

* Spiritual Illuminator and Mentorship

* Inspiration & Creativity

* Guidance & Protection

* Facilitating Spiritual Growth

* Embrace the Signs of Gabriel’s Presence

* Archangel Gabriel’s Golden Healing Light Meditation

* Archangel Gabriel’s Protection and Shielding Meditation

* Archangel Gabriel’s Communication Enhancement Meditation

* Golden Flame Reiki Healing Meditation

* The Golden Lion Meditation

* Benefits of Golden Flame Reiki