Bliss Lightbody Activation




Most people find that they feel a strong energy of love and joy, that merges into a profound spiritual depth of feeling that almost takes your breath away with its strength and breadth. Many people find it is quite unlike anything they have felt before as it is changing your energy patterns and helping you to anchor and ground your lightbody to Mother Gaia.

These energies have an extremely high vibration. If you have been working with this energy and are sensitive to energy, when you hold these lovely energy you will more than likely feel their quite potent vibration in a number of areas of the body.

Bliss Light Body Activation have an amazing resonance in the heart chakra and higher heart or thymus chakra. Bliss Light Body Activation have a lovely heart based energy, but they bring you so much more than the average heart chakra energy. Its quickly take you into a very deep inner awareness, and once there you will not want to come back until you have fully experienced all that will the Bliss Light Body Activation gave.Clearing any discordant or stagnant energy in your auric field, this energy opens the way for ascension, spiritual awakening and growth.

When you hold them in the heart, you truly receive a blissful charge from them. The vibration of these energies feels like a rush of pure pleasure, inner delight and love, that wells up within you and energizes your heart and bring feelings of joy and happiness, and a sense of what can almost be described as inner rapture… truly beautiful!

It will also stimulate the higher chakras and are powerful to use in meditation. They are  a safe energy to stimulate kundalini awakening, and to aid you to awaken your inner serpent.

This energy has the function of:

Clearing discordant and stagnant energy in the auric field. Helps spiritual awakening and growth. Stimulates kundalini awakening. Aids achieving blissful heart. Brings feelings of joy and happiness. Stimulates the higher chakras.


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