High Heart Chakra Clearing & Activation System – Expand the Higher Heart Chakra



By Amanda Hadley

The Higher Heart Chakra is located at the Thymus. The Thymus gland sits between the heart and the sternum, and supports an immune response, producing T-cells that distinguish pathogens and fend them off. The Thymus is energetically represented by the Higher Heart Chakra, also known as the Etheric Chakra, and the Seat of The Soul. It is a filter of unconditional love and acts for the highest good of all, enabling connection with the Divine and Divine Soul Union.

The Higher Heart Chakra energetically connects with higher consciousness and communicates that information to the Heart Chakra through the Thymus.

Energy shifts are taking place as we ascend from 3D to 5D via the 4D bridge. These energy shifts activate the Higher Heart, enabling soul communication by opening the channels of telepathy with spirit guides, and beings in the Astral realms.


  • Open the heart to forgiveness of oneself and others
  • Releasing trauma and negative emotions
  • Enhanced empathy and desire to help others heal emotionally
  • Connecting with one’s true self
  • Recognizing one’s true purpose
  • Reaching energetic state of deep calm, bliss, euphoria
  • Free of fear
  • Deep sense of connection to all sentient beings, the Earth and the Universe
  • Connecting and communicating with higher consciousness
  • Downloading information from Third Eye and Crown Chakras funneled through the Higher Heart
  • Realization that you exist beyond your physical body
  • Realization that we are all one

Higher Heart activations offer freedom from fear and enable emotional release, forgiveness and transformation through unconditional love. A heart activation causes one to tune into one’s true heart desires and this requires a relaxed state, free from fear and emotional trauma.


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