Sin Ilahi Sin Hu Course and Attunement





You will receive three attunements.

2 Attunements to Sin Ilahi (2nd one is the master level for Sin Ilahi).

One Attunement to Sin Hu Practitioner Level

Sin Ilahi/Master Sin Hu Practitioner

According to a tasawuf literature Sin Ilahi can be transcribed as GOD (Allah)

At the level of the divine master sin, will be opened chakras Chi Shing divine or as termed by Master Irmansyah Efendi great teacher of Kundalini Reiki Foundation Padmajaya Indonesia. The chakras divine energy is a point higher than the crown chakra, the numbers so far, no one knows for sure but the theory are too many layers according to the dimensions of the spiritual aspects of human existence that is rated. The higher chakras divine higher energy vibration that can be accessed and the higher consciousness can climb the peaks of the spiritual realm.

Sin-Ilahi can be meant as human with consciousness of GOD, which all his activities comes from GOD, with GOD and for GOD. Sin-Ilahi attunement, with GOD’s permission, is useful for immediately opening, cleansing and activating energy channels in our body:


  • open and cleanse main channel (sushumna), ida (cool channel) & pingala (hot channel)


  • open, cleanse & activate main chakras (root, sex, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, ajna & crown)


  • arouse & purify kundalini (arouse kundalini’s core pass through crown chakra)


  • open, cleanse & activate Ilahi charkas (those charkas which are higher than crown charkas), then connect and unify them in one with heart chakra

This will optimize brain function, arouse spiritual consciousness, aid out of body experience, enhance clairvoyance, clairsentience, telepathy, heal physical, mental and spiritual problems, physical and metaphysical protection, power and wisdom, enhance energy frequency, emit peace and harmony, and aid you in materialization of wishes.



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