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Tibetan Soul Star Reiki is a system which will teach you to activate, clear and align the Higher Chakras and connect you to your Divine Higher Self and is designed to assist you in the Ascension process. These symbols have been channeled by Joni Bresler and her Tibetan Spirit Guides with the assistance of Kwan Yin.

Tibetan Soul Star Reiki has three powerful major symbols and two minor symbols including the symbol for healing with joy. The symbols are keys which unlock consciousness and are to be used for healing and passing healing attunements.

Level 1 Master

Chakras & Meditation with the Higher Self and Soul Star Chakra

The Ascension Process

Master symbol for Higher Self “Soul Star”

Higher Self meditation, esoteric interpretation, four color meditation

Reverse Higher Self symbol

Minor symbol for healing with joy

Meditation on the “Soul Star” chakra and practice


Level 2 Master

Master symbol for Tao chakra “Becoming One”, interpretation and use

Symbol for purifying Kundalini energy and practice

Master symbol for Cosmic Consciousness chakra

Serpent of Fire symbol/Palm symbol


Level 3 Master

“Oneness” Master symbol for embodiment of Cosmic chakra (also for channeling, manifestation and protection

OM Symbol for embodiment and oneness

Meditation with the Om symbol

Modified OM symbol

Healing attunement

Water ceremony

Working with Guides and Angels

Levels of Self with meditation of Self and symbols

Master attunements

What you receive: 87 page PDF manual, Client Session Record template


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