Lightworker Series Package 4



These are from the Lightworker Attunement series and include detailed manuals for each individual attunement

These attunements will align you more powerfully with each of the orders of knighthood so that you may work more closely with them in your day to day life as well as your spiritual development, healing or channeling work.

There are 30 manuals in this package.


  1. Hands of Jesus
  2. Hathor
  3. Hidden Treasure Reiki
  4. Hildegard of Bingen Initiation
  5. Horus
  6. I Am Grandfather Sun
  7. Isaiah Initiation
  8. Jacob Initiation
  9. Jeremiah Initiation
  10. Jesus Temple Initiations
  11. Job Initiation
  12. Jonah Initiation
  13. Joseph’s Coat Initiation
  14. Joshua
  15. Joy of Being
  16. Kurama Tengu Empowerment
  17. Kuthumi Initiations
  18. Lady Julian of Norwich
  19. Lady of the Lake
  20. Lady Portia
  21. Lai Life Elixir
  22. Lama Fera
  23. Lavender Plant
  24. Lenten Initiations
  25. Lindisfarne Empowerment
  26. Living Peace Attunement
  27. Loving Friday
  28. Maat
  29. Masks of Mexico
  30. Majestic Tree



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