Lightworker Attunement Package 3



These are from the Lightworker Attunement series and include detailed manuals for each individual attunement

These attunements will align you more powerfully so that you may work more closely with them in your day to day life as well as your spiritual development, healing or channeling work

Manuals in this package

  1. LW Dolphin Sekhem Seichem Reiki
  2. LW Dragon’s Lair
  3. LW Drombeg Stone
  4. LW Elijah Initiations
  5. LW Energy of the City
  6. LW Epiphany Empowerment
  7. LW Esther Initiation
  8. LW Eye of Horus Activation
  9. LW Firebirds Lair
  10. LW Firemen of 9_11
  11. LW Flora
  12. LW Flower of Life Empowerment
  13. LW Flower of Scotland
  14. LW Forgiveness Rosary
  15. LW Fox Medicine Empowerment
  16. LW Friends of the Sea
  17. LW Fritz Perls Initiation
  18. LW Fusion Reiki
  19. LW Futimagaura Empowerment
  20. LW Galactic Center Energy
  21. LW Gandhi Initiations
  22. LW Ganesha Empowerment
  23. LW Geb-God
  24. LW Gilgamesh Empowerment
  25. LW Giza Pyramid and Temple Empowerments
  26. LW Goddess Cardea
  27. LW Golden Ankh Initiation
  28. LW Grandmother Moon
  29. LW Green Tara Initiation
  30. LW Gryphon’s Lair


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