Navaratma Etheric Ring




By Manuela Fasoli.

Navaratma rings are made with special blessed stones.
 This ancient Stone configuration comes from the sacred scriptures of India.
 Each stone corresponds to a planet and contributes to attracting the beneficial energy of a particular planet or, depending on the case, counteracting its negative effect. 
Ruby (Sun) self-confidence, vitality, intuition, sensibility, memory. 
PERLA (moon): Promotes sleep and pleasant dreams
 Coral (Mars): Contralla Aggression, jealousy, protects from accidents and promotes sexuality. 
Topaz (Jupiter): Optimism, eloquence, wealth, prestige, fortune. 
Sapphire: Invalidates the negative aspects of the planet itself, (Saturn) promotes logic and rationality, confers authority and power. 
Emerald: Promotes the ability to learn, (Mercury) promotes sociability.
 Diamond (Venus): promotes affection, health, beauty and aesthetic sense.
 Cat’s Eye (KETU): Helps eliminate psychosomatic diseases, protects against evil influences. 
GIACINTO (RAHU): Stimulates strength and intelligence.
With this attunement the energy of an etheric navaratma ring will be placed in your energetic field so you can have always its power and its energy.


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