Happiness, Health, Wealth & Love Affirmations



When you repeat an affirmation over and over again, it begins to change the way that you think as well as what you believe is possible. Energetically repeating affirmations raises your vibration out to the Universe so that you become attractive to what you desire to draw into your life.

Affirmations will expand your thinking so that you begin to believe that anything is possible. When you start to think that something is possible, the chances are higher that you will proceed with certainty and confidence, not let obstacles set you back and you will more likely look for and find creative solutions to achieve the outcome that you desire ultimately.

What you talk and think about the most, as well as the kind of beliefs you hold onto is what you ultimately attract in your life. Positive thinking attracts positive experiences and outcomes, while negativity attracts more negativity.

While there are already a plethora of resources and means that are available right now to help you achieve your goals, when we affirm that something isn’t possible or allow the negative thinking to take over our minds, we end up shutting ourselves off from those resources and means that can make our dreams and desires come true. When our minds are full of negative thoughts, we simply aren’t able to see the opportunities in front of us, and we don’t recognize the means of creating the changes in our life that we desire.

On the other hand, when we use positive affirmations to affirm the outcomes that we desi`re, over and over again, we are training our minds to believe that it is possible. When you can open yourself up to what is possible, then your subconscious mind gets to work to find the creative solutions and the means for achieving your dreams, goals, and all that you desire in your life.

Module 1

Guide to Affirmations (39 pages)


Introduction to affirmative prayer

Introduction to cosmic ordering

Introduction to creative visualization

Introduction to mantras

Achieving a positive mindset

Writing affirmations

Using affirmations

Advantages and disadvantages


Module 2

Health, Wealth & Love Affirmations (42 pages)

Health affirmations

Energy and vitality

Mental health

Diet and fitness


Wealth affirmations

Money and wealth



Fame and status


Love affirmations


Special person (husband, wife, partner)



Happiness Affirmations


Peace and joy




Module 3

Daily affirmations

Daily affirmations Journal (55 pages)

Daily affirmations card deck (94 PNG & PDF)

Module 4

Happiness Journal (126 pages)

Happiness card deck (126 PNG & PDF)

Module 5

Health Journal (126 pages)

Health card deck (126 PNG & PDF)

Module 6

Love Journal (126 pages)

Love card deck (126 PNG & PDF)

Module 7

Wealth Journal (126 pages)

Wealth card deck (126 PNG & PDF)


Affirmations Made Easy

Positive Quote Mandala Coloring Pages

Daily Affirmations Mini Course

Daily Affirmations Handbook (62 pages)

The 5-Minute Guide to attracting your desires using positive affirmations

10 Video