Animal Protection Reiki


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Animal Protection Reiki was originally channeled by Linda Colibert. This is a lovely attunement for anyone who loves animals.

The Animal Protection Reiki works to surround animals, pets, and endangered species of animals with protection. Your attunement to Animal Protection Reiki connects you to the universal energies of the Creative Source for healing and protection of animals.

The Animal Protection Reiki attunement will strengthen your animal healing abilities, and also your abilities to send powerful protection to any animal to help keep them safe and healthy. The symbol given in this attunement helps you connect to these energies quickly so that you will be able to use them easily and in a hurry when necessary.

Using Animal Protection Reiki and the given symbol will surround the animals with protection from all things and people that may wish to cause harm to any animal. It will also help with protecting the animal from getting into things that may be harmful. It helps as well to keep negative people away and causes any negative emotions sent toward the animal to bounce off of the outside layer of light so that the animal will not be hit with this negativity. It
prevents any absorption of negativity by the animal.


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