The Godhead Empowerment – Create Radionic Devices & Gain Spiritual Enlightenment



Prerequisite: None

The Godhead Empowerment was channeled in 2020 by Jay Burrell

The Godhead Empowerment has been designed to open the doorways for you to tap into the vastness of the vibrational frequencies where anything is possible!. Whatever you desire and if it is in alignment with your higher self, they will be granted. This system works on all levels of your being as well as every dimension of reality. In simple terms, this attunement is one that works beyond the realms of time and space which as humans we have created and have programmed our minds to believe as being the only reality that is possible and available to us. The energies will flow through the universal laws of quantum realities where what you experience in the here and now, is also being experienced by you in another time and another dimension.

The energies of this attunement have been designed to help you make the changes that you need in order for you to move forward on your spiritual path as well as propelling your life forward towards personal ascension and enlightenment. The energies will also help you to manifest the things that you need in your life to help you to achieve these goals. The world that we live in is a world of duality. This implies that there are limited on what can happen and how fast it will happen. Miracles do occur but they are rare!. The ability to produce them consistently usually goes hand in hand with the sacred wisdom to understand their full potential and the implications of such blessings. Until we reach a state of conscious awareness where we understand what we need to be willing to engage in the process of ascension will take more time than most are willing to put into their spiritual life. I can say now that after 17+ years of walking the path of the lightworker and spiritual teacher, I am still learning and I am still expanding my awareness but during this time, I have been blessed with so many abilities which spirit and my guide have given to me, in particular the ability to channel energies and information which are given to you through the distant attunements that I create. It is now time for you to open your life to the expansion of the Godhead energies in order for you to fully accept and align your life with those of the higher beings of light that step forward to help you on your spiritual and life’s path.

You will learn about the following and much more:

* The Concept of a Multiverse Reality {Infinite Universes / Bubble Universes / Parallel Universes / Daughter Universes / Mathematical Universes}

* When Blessings Don’t Manifest.

* The Benefits of the Godhead Empowerment.

* Radionics.

* Examples of Radionic Devices.

* Distributing Radionic Devices.

* Godhead Empowerment Energy Functions.

* Godhead Empowerment Symbol.

* The Godhead Empowerment Intention Method.

* Attunement Procedure.


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