Magical Nature Reiki



Magical Nature Reiki has been developed to help us gain a deep connection to Mother Earth, her Nature Kingdoms and Nature Beings. Mother Earth is the soul of our Planet. As we tune into the magic and wisdom on her nature kingdoms they bring us powerful healing, peace, love and spiritual enlightenment. The nature beings such as Fairies, Elves, Tree Spirits, Gnomes, Sylphs and many others hold much love and light and are always ready to be of assistance to help humans with healing and spiritual growth.

This system can help to connect you to your nature spirit guides, clear negative thought programming, connect you to past lives that old knowledge of Nature and much more.

Ways Magical Nature Reiki can help you:
• Ascension
• Spiritual growth
• Healing and clearing
• Raising your vibration
• Connecting to Mother Earth
• Connecting to your nature spirit guides
• Developing clairvoyance to see the nature beings
• Clearing away negative thought programming
• Connecting to past lives that hold knowledge of Nature
• Raising your consciousness
• Helping to ground your spiritual energies

This system is overseen by Lord Merlin, a powerful wizard connected deeply with the elemental kingdoms both on the Earth and the Inner Planes.

Founder: Pamela Caddy


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