International Master Diploma in Advanced Energy Healing & Natural Therapies



If each course is purchased separately this package comes to in excess of £4000

This exciting diploma course is a home study course – you learn at your own pace, with no pressure on deadlines!  One of the unique features of this course is that it includes self-healing and self-development tools, as well as various practitioner courses, enabling you to grow your healing practice and have more to offer your clients.

The Master Diploma option comprises 31 subjects, 9 of which are compulsory and 22 of your choice.


  • Wide variety of practitioner courses AND self-development courses
  • 9 compulsory courses and choose your own remaining courses from colour-coded sections
  • Affordable payment plans available
  • Comprehensive easy to read format
  • All supplementary materials provided (meditations, e-books, videos, etc.)
  • Student support via e-mail by the principal and vice-principal – no random virtual assistants


  • Study at your own pace, with no pressure of deadlines or penalties
  • Gives you a competitive edge by expanding your knowledge and range of offerings to clients
  • Begin at any time of the year – no need to wait for “registration to open”
  • Provides you with valuable self-development tools, for both your personal and spiritual growth


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