Career, Business, Finance, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Attunement Package 3


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The  Career, Business, Finance, Entrepreneur, Business Owner Attunement Package 3 includes many wonderful energies to support you in creating and manifesting your goals and dreams in the areas of career, business, commerce and finance. This package is especially useful for business owners and entrepreneurs.

These energies work to heal you, your aura, work environment and atmosphere.  The energy will create the very best ambiance and energy and the intuitive power to attract the highest level of customers/clients. It will create an aura of success around you and your business, one that is inviting, clean, comfortable, and energetically pure. It will improve business and transform your image, the way people perceive you, as well as, clear negative energy and protect you from losing business/clients.

This will Illuminate the energy of your workplace/ environment/ atmosphere/website . All stress and negative energies will be removed so that you can thrive in a positive and stress-free way. Removing negative energies will brighten the energy and aura of you and your business and improve your interactions with others as well as attract positive energy and success.  The energy will work to make your work environment and personal aura pristine and clear promoting health, happiness and attracting abundance into your life and business path. It will add good vibes to your business attracting high quality clients/customers and interactions.

With your purchase you will receive the manuals and distant attunements included in the Career, Business, Finance, Entrepreneur, Business Owner Attunement Package. One Certificate for the package will also be provided.

The following manuals and attunements are in this package

  1. Energetic Personal Ignition Device
  2. Energetic Program Link
  3. Fire Flash Energetic
  4. Fire Matrix Energetic
  5. Money Toad Essence
  6. Movers & Shakers Reiki
  7. My Good Customers Attraction Rays
  8. My Power Mastery
  9. Opulent Living Empowerment
  10. Probo Sentosa Energy Empowerment
  11. Prolific Sales Activator
  12. Prosperity Consciousness
  13. Prosperity Manifestation
  14. Purchase Attraction Rays
  15. Pure Perpetual Potency
  16. Ray of Opportunities & Abundance
  17. Roaring Lion
  18. Sakiya Mahime Attunement
  19. Sale ‘n Buy Ignition
  20. Scarcity Release Empowerment
  21. Self Business Generator
  22. Self Knowledge Rays
  23. Shen Wan Shan Richness Treasure Reiki
  24. Social Outcast Reversal
  25. Star Power
  26. Strategic Skills
  27. Three Legged Toad Empowerment
  28. Tua Pek Prosperity & Luck Reiki
  29. Vital Life Energetic Nourishment
  30. Zhu Gong Business & Success Reiki







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