Financial Fear Flush



Financial Fear Flush ™ is an energy function that specifically targets any fears you have about your financial well-being and having all you need.

Financial Fear Flush™ is great to activate with intention whenever you notice a worry, concern or fear about money pass through your mind. Once your fears about money and your financial situation have been flushed away your confidence about your financial matters will build and be secure.

You may find many benefits to activating this Financial Fear Flush if used regularly:

Less anxiety
Less preoccupation with negative scenarios mentally
Less depression
Ending of self-sabotage behavior in your money use
Noticing miracles that can benefit your financial situation
Increased positive outlook for your financial future
Peace Within settles inside of you
You breathe deeper on a regular basis
You start to mentally plan for the future once again
More opportunities come your way
No longer do you self-fulfil negative prophesies about your money
You display increased wisdom in your money management


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