Shamanic Home Study Course – Level 2



During this interactive course, we will be making our open mesa/altar, learning the meaning of our stones and placing them in their correct place on the altar. We will become acquainted with the archetype of each direction of our mesa.

If you have ever wanted to learn or do shamanic drumming this is your chance – two videos showing the basics to shamanic drumming.

Some of the ceremonial tools we will be making are: rattles, medicine bags, eye fringes and medicine shields – we will then perform a ceremony to consecrate these ceremonial tools.

We will be taking an Upper World Journey to meet an Ancestor – to help you access information that has been lost, skills that have lain dormant, and wisdom that is timelessly important;

Undertake a Middle World Journey to meet a stone ally, to see how they can help you in your everyday life.

On our journey to the Lower World we will be meeting with a Power Animal or Guardian Spirit to bring healing to an issue which has been troubling us for a while.

AND THESE ARE JUST SOME OF THE TOPICS COVERED ……. Explore all 27 modules for a wealth of information .

The power to do shamanic work is both within you and outside you and is readily accessible for channeling through you. Your inner resources include the creative power of thought and imagination, and the driving force of your spirit energy. They provide vitality, strength and determination, a supply of individual potentials which, however dormant or neglected, can be awakened and your own well of wisdom from which to obtain direction and inspiration. These inner resources constitute your power.

Through an understanding of shamanism you can:

Comprehend forces and energies that exist beyond the range of your physical senses and learn to work with them.

Discover personal gateways that you have not had access to before.

Discover your hidden potentials and develop your creativity.

Come into harmony with the Earth and her energies and align with the Divine Cosmic Breath

Activate your imagination and live your life in a totally different way

What you receive:

PDF manuals in 27 modules

7 videos

4 attunements (Ama Deus Shamanic Healing, Magickal Shaman Lightworker Program, Activation of the Medicine Wheel, Nature Medicine Mandala)

7 MP3 meditations

Module 1


Module 2

The Prophecy of the Eagle and Condor

Module 3

Spiritual Quecha words, their meanings and the importance of knowing some Quecha words

Module 4

The Need for a Spiritual Sanctuary

How to Find your Spiritual Sanctuary

Making it Real

Journeying from your Sanctuary

Meditation: Sacred Garden – Journey to a lush, verdant jungle garden to experience the beautiful Sacred Tree of Life. Journey into the underground roots to receive healing medicine from the jungle plants. Feel the powerful trunk and receive healing for your soul. Climb into the branches and receive a healing vision from Spirit.

Module 5

Sacred Space and Smudging

Personal Opening

Environmental Opening

Closing Sacred Space


Types of Smudge

Smokeless Smudging

How to Make your own Agua de Florida (Florida Water)

Video: How to make your own Florida Water

Smudging Directions

Lighting Smoking Smudges

Smudging Yourself

Smudging Others

Smudging Structures

Florida Water Smudge

Invocations for ceremonies

Video: Making your Own Smudge Sticks

Meditation: Spirit cleanse, sacred space

Module 6

Ceremonies and respect

Centering yourself through drumming

Centering yourself through rattling

Sanctifying the ground where you are holding the ceremony

Cleansing the aura before a ceremony

Grounding yourself after the ceremony

Candle Ceremony for Manifesting

Ceremony – working with the elements

Video: An Offering to Pachamama and the Apus

Nature circle ceremony

Flowering Tree ceremony

Meditation: The Body and the Four Elements – Explore the body’s miraculous design as you connect deeply with the 4 elements of earth, water, air and fire. Discover the element you feel most and least comfortable with and get grounded.

Module 7

Sacred Sounds


Toning the Directions

Practices for honoring Spirit – Toning I AM

Module 8

Wiñay Nuna – the Art of Transformation

Travelling in Consciousness

Reality Shifting

12 Points of Light

Channel Cosmic Life Force Energy

Learn to Travel in Consciousness

Travelling in Consciousness to release a past bookmark

Travelling in Consciousness to install a future bookmark

Meditation: Heal Body, Ego, Soul & Spirit – Receive powerful instruction to release any blocks, any pain, fear or wounds that you carry in your Body, Ego, Soul and Spirit. Learn breathing techniques and visualizations to release negative emotions and breathe in health, revitalizing your deepest self.

Module 9

Shamanic Energy Medicine

Energy Principles

Description of the Energy Body

What is Energy Medicine

Shamanism and Energy Healing

Meditation: Anima Mundi: Connect with the Living Earth – Connect with the dynamic spirit of the living Earth and experience your profound connection with Earth’s vitality and beauty. Rise above the Earth, view it from outer space and see the Earth as a great living being.

Module 10

 Unseen forces and Energies

Energy Centers

Kawsay (life force)

Sami (light energy)

Video: Q’ero Shaman giving sami

K’anchay (celestial energy)

Saminchakuy Exercise (The sacred exchange of making Light flow)

Module 11

Shamanic Visioning (Vista)

Image exercise

Deep-level hypnotic imaging exercise

Journey to meet your Guardian Spirit

Power Animals

Outline of steps for a Shamanic Journey

Visualizations for Mental Relaxation

Meditation: The Art of Seeing

Module 12

Mineral Kingdom Helpers

Identifying a stone ally

Some of the crystals you can use

Cleansing your crystals

Programming your crystals and what to use them for

Merging with and attuning to your crystal

Minerals and Dreaming

Ways to honor the minerals

Crystal Journeying

Shamanic Journey Helpers – Mineral Kingdom

Meditation: Crystal meditation with a Rose Quartz

Module 13

Plant Kingdom Helpers

Journey to meet a Plant Ally

Meeting the Plant in this World

Knowing your Ally

Working with Trees and Tree Spirits

Working with the Land

Approaching a Tree

Tree meditation

Tree Healing

Drawing Power from a Tree

Shamanic Journey Helpers – Plant Kingdom

Module 14

Tutelary (Spirit Helpers)

Ancestral Spirits

Helper Spirits

Why do Tutelary Spirits sometimes communicate in stories and symbols?

Module 15

The Shaman’s horse – the drum

Altered States of Consciousness

Acquainting yourself with the process of shamanic drumming

Cosmology of the Drum

Drumming incorporating whistle and rattle

Buying a drum

Drumming Circles

Drumming Circle Structure

Videos:   How to drum the four elements

Drumming lessons

Drumming track to use with journeys

20-minute shamanic drumming

Drumming video for undertaking a journey to the Lower World

Module 16

Preparing to Journey

The Practice of Journeying

Types of Questions to Ask

Module 17

Shaman’s Magical Flight – Journeying

What are some of the purposes of a shamanic journey?

What are good questions to ask

How will I know to journey to the Upper, Middle and Lower world

The Upper World

Characteristics of the Upper World

What are some of the purposes of a shamanic journey?

What are good questions to ask?

How will I know to journey to the Upper, Middle or Lower World?

Overview of the three worlds

Hanaq Pacha (Upper World)

Kay Pacha (Middle World)

Ukhu Pacha (Lower World)

Characteristics of the Upper World

Journey to the Upper World to meet an Ancestor to access information that has been lost or lain dormant

Meditation: Healing the Ancestral Line

The Middle World (Kay Pacha)

Characteristics of the Middle World

Journey to the Middle World to connect with a crystal to ask it how it wants you to use it

The Lower World (Ukhu Pacha)

Characteristics of the Lower World

Journey to the Lower World to meet the crone who will introduce you to a plant ally

Video showing the drumbeat for journeying

Exercise summary

Journey to meet your Power Animal

Guided Manifestation Journey

Module 18


How to find the stones (rumis)

Charging a khuya

The first four khuyas – the khuyas of the four directions

The fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth khuyas

The meaning of the eight khuyas

Module 19

Open mesas/Altar

The symbolic significance

Objects needed for the mesa

Placing the khuyas in the appropriate directions

The Process

Consecrating the ground

The Three Fields of Power

The South, West, North and East objects

Consecrating your objects

Placing of the South, West, North and East khuyas

Placing of the other 8 khuyas

Placing the 13th khuya

Module 20

Sacred Tools

Ceremonial Crafts

Nature Spot Exercise

Finding Materials

Creating Sacred Tools

Consecrating your ceremonial tools

Fridge Mask – instructions and diagram of how to make your own

Medicine bag– instructions and diagram of how to make your own

Medicine bag items

Video: How to make a medicine pouch

Rattles – instructions and diagram of how to make your own

Video: How to make a shamanic rattle

Journey to Empower your new Rattle

Module 21

The Medicine Wheel

Sacred Elements Medicine Wheel

Peruvian Medicine Wheel

How to build Medicine Wheel

What does the medicine wheel teach me?

How to work with the wheel

South – heals the physical body

What this animal messenger teaches us

Healing at this level

West – heals the emotional body

What this animal messenger teaches us

Healing at this level

North – heals the spiritual body

What this animal messenger teaches us

Healing at this level

East – heals the mental body

What this animal messenger teaches us

Healing at this level

Meditation: Medicine Wheel and Elemental meditation

Module 22

Shamanic Medicine Shields

To make your own Medicine Shield

Module 23

The Shaman’s Tree

Creating a Shaman’s Tree

How a chalama (prayer ribbon) is made

Dedicating the Tree

Journey with your Power Animal to meet the Spirit of the Tree

Module 24

How Healers Heal

The Shaman and Healing

Personal Preparation

The Healer’s toolkit

The Healing Altar


Removing an energy shard


Illumination – exercise

Scooping -exercise

Unruffling – exercise

Journeying for healing

Meditation: Activate your inner Healer – Meet your inner healer who activates feelings of deep inner peace, well-being and unconditional self-acceptance. See your life from the Divine’s perspective and learn powerful affirmations to experience yourself as whole and complete.

Module 25

Shamanic workshops

Rite of the Womb

Nusta Karpay


Module 26

Shamans in Mexico

Entering Sacred Space

Maya teachings for the Body, Soul & Spirit

The Sacred Origin of the Halach Uinik

Module 27

First Rite of the Nusta Karpay Goddess Initiations from Peru (Mama Ocllo)


The Inward Smile

Letting Go

The Infinity Breath Meditation

Ayni Karpay exercise


Ama Deus Shamanic Healing

Activation of the Medicine Wheel

Magickal Shaman Lightworker Program

Nature Medicine Mandala



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