Elven Shamanic Healing



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Elven Shamanic Healing ~ Distant Attunement


Elven Shamanic Healing comes from the Elven realms and is a natural form of healing. This attunement will connect you with the Elven, or Elf energy and help you learn how the elves can assist you with healing using herbs and other natural energies.

The attunement was channeled by Violet, she received these mantras and symbols via 2 Elven Gods. You will lean about these Elven Gods in the manual. You will also learn how to ask for assistance in working with the Elven Shaman Healing via these Elven Gods.

The manual contains information about herbs their uses and how to apply them energetically. It will also attune you to certain herbs so that you can use them in your energy work, even if you do not have them physically present with you at the moment.

The manual and attunements are very powerful and great for those that are ready to connect with the Elven Realms.

The manual also contains:
Elven History
Elven Gods
Symbols & Definitions
Healing Techniques
Herbal Techniques
Herbs and their Uses
Receiving Attunements
Passing Elven Shamanic Healing Attunements


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