Healing the wounded Soul



Trauma comes in many forms. It could be an abusive partner or boss, childhood bullying, sexual or emotional abuse, being told you are dumb or worthless, death of a friend or loved one, death of a pet, a hijacking or a burglary. The list is endless. The aftereffects of traumatizing experiences change you in an attempt to protect you from further harm. Trauma is something horrible that happened to you. It is not who you are. You can recover your true self. You can let trauma define you or refine you. You can find purpose in the pain

Sometimes victims get caught in a cycle of feeling like they are entitled to recompense and simultaneously are too damaged to receive it. That paradoxical battle within can cease.

You are here to heal. Your desire to recondition yourself has brought you here. It is time to get past the past in a way that does not deny it but gives you wisdom and moves you forward to a brighter future.

This course is not about re-living every detail of your trauma.

Re-living it, is not necessarily relieving it.

Without proper processing, your trauma reactions may intensify with time. So many of you know that. You are here to fix it. It is about learning to live again. It is about living well. Your trauma is part of your life’s story, but it is not your life’s purpose.

Module 1


Audio:               Morning meditation, cleanse and align your energy

Module 2

Identifying past trauma

Failing to face and process

Our list of traumatic memories

When we fail to deal with our trauma

The R.A.I.N. process

Approaching our memories with calmness and curiosity

Creating a coherent narrative

You can make sense of your childhood experiences

Giving voice to your authentic desires

You can learn to trust again

The secret of having true power

Reconditioning your mind

Module 3


The inability to feel part of anything

A time you have felt detached

Constant state of quiet rumination and thoughts

Trust is damaged

It is time to re-attach

Grounding exercise

Module 4

Friends and family

Body, mind, Spirit connections

Limbic system, emotions and vagus nerve connected

Acute stress disorder

Asking for help is helping yourself

You must repel thoughts

How do you know if someone is good for you?

Do not isolate yourself, insulate yourself

Connectivity creates sanctuary

Module 5

Recurring thoughts

Closing the door on intrusive thoughts

Open the door to new ways of thinking

Boundaries are all about the gate

Reduce both internal and external negative dialogue

Change your thoughts and it will change your life

Audio:               Clearing thoughts

Module 6

Finding solutions

From asking questions to finding solutions


What if?

Let go of the need to know


Options or solutions

Deductive reasoning

Module 7

Recurring negative events

Break the cycle of re-victimization

Recognize, break and replace patterns

Rescuing behavior

Feel for or with people

Take note of all instant attractions

Use your conscious mind to make connections

Seek stability

Challenge self-limiting patterns

Module 8

Meditation and visualization

Your subconscious is fighting to be heard

Meditation clears the anxious chatter in your brain

Now that the internal code is cracked

Think of the best for yourself

It is about being in a receptive new flow

Audio:       Healing trauma guided meditation

Module 9


How to use journaling to cope with trauma

Overall benefits

Before you begin

Steps for journaling

Journaling tips

Journaling prompts

Looking for the positive

Module 10

Conscious choices with your words

Change the vocabulary, speak with confidence

Intentionally diffuse your trauma reactions

Beware with whom you share

Serenity is control with a purer shift

Audio:       I am powerful, courageous and strong

Module 11


The balance of exercise and rest

Listen to your body

Understanding your vagus nerve

Rest is reset

Exercise and rest is crucial for trauma recovery

Module 12


You cannot solve hate with hate

Seeking complete justice

Letting the Universe take control

Living well is the best revenge


Practicing Ho’oponopono

Focus on a beautiful life

Audio:       Ho’oponopono

Module 13


Recognizing the root of anger

Delay is the antidote for anger

Time always orchestrates solutions

There is power in quiet confrontation

Antidotes to anger

Module 14

Guilt and shame

Let go to grow

You cannot enjoy life if operating from a place of guilt

We were all born innocent


Feelings of anger, depression and agitation

Survivor guilt

Blame and false shame

Releasing guilt, blame and shame

Module 15

Harness the power of intentional thinking

Feel a trigger and dispel its power

Fight, flight or freeze

Module 16

Emotional reactivity

Fear, panic or anger


Module 17


You do not have to trust everyone and anything

Trauma and intuition

Do not take blame or be ashamed

Educated discernment

Audio:       Heart opening

Module 18


From helpless to hopeful

Root cause of helplessness

Listen to your heart and not your hurt

Challenge those self-limiting beliefs

Where in your body do you feel pain, heaviness or aches

Spiritual practices

Module 19

Taking control of flashbacks

Negative emotions demand to be relieved


Flash forward

You can be in charge of your emotions

Module 20


Writing and healing

Our shadow selves

Creative outlets

Music and song

Module 21

The power of nature

Retreat alone

Restorative power in nature

Nature is quietly powerful

Module 22

Forgive and forget




Make statements

Confront with positive intention

Acceptance is not saying what happened is ok

Module 23



Trauma makes you ill


Positive memories

Audio:       Cellular healing

Module 24

Love yourself

Loving yourself after trauma

Do not hide yourself or your trauma

Committing to yourself

Learning how to feel happiness

New beginning to love others

Loving wholly

You are everything that makes this world good

Module 25

Release stored memories

The body responds with physical sensations

Address emotional issues

Emotional toolkit



Create a place to heal





Trauma Care Reiki – Value $45

For mind, body, spirit , memories/past from Mariah Windsong Trauma Care™ is care for any trauma your mind, body, emotions or energy fields have experienced, anytime, anywhere. Your attunement provides you with the right to activate a Trauma Care Session™. You don’t need to even think of a particular thing that happened to you because your Trauma Care Team will know exactly the right experience to work on for you, today.

If you’ve been especially troubled by a memory, there are energy functions to assist you, here within Trauma Care™ energy system.

Some benefits of your Trauma Care Sessions can include but are not promised nor limited to might be:

Mysterious body symptoms of dis-ease disappear and comfort returns .

Some people’s timeline of event and life get mixed up to the point where they feel like they are living in the past and now, simultaneously.  Time Line Repair Shakti will assist to repair your time line then past experiences can remain int he past where they belong.

Your present reality feels real

Your past can be in proper perspective

You begin to feel whole and then thrive

Past traumas do not dictate your current choices

The brightness of a bad memory dims

You begin to feel peace then live in peace most days

Any messages your mind and body felt the traumas had to give have now been received and trauma energy releases

Your mind knows the traumas were witnessed, now allows healing

Your body allows healing of areas that had been traumatized

Memories that lingered near the surface of your mind that kept you alert and on guard for disaster now fade

Good memories previously dwelled upon may claim their place as memories instead of constantly being reviewed as you now gain the feeling of good to happen to you in the future too.

Body reactions to sudden movements or loud sounds as a result of your past traumas can go “offline” now that your body knows it is safe.

The hole in your emotional heart center is repaired and you gain a sense of being filled with a wellbeing that stays with you.

Blockage Removal Vibration by Hari Winarso: Remove frequency blocking and frequency blocking shields for abuse and trauma healing –  Value $19.99

Blockage Removal Vibration New from Hari Winarso Blockage Removal Vibration is a higher vibrational energy that removes frequency blocking and frequency blocking shields from the subtle physical bodies (energy bodies).  This information can also be used with animals.  After the blocks are removed you will be more receptive to vibrational and energetic healing modalities.  This will also boost the endocrine gland function with blockage removal.

Those who have had abuse and trauma in all forms, sexual abuse etc. internalize feelings of shame and worthlessness at subconscious and emotional levels and will generate symptoms which will be eliminated.

Traumatic Controller Vibration – value $34

Founder Ferry Handoko  Traumatic Controller Vibration by Ferry – clears trauma/headaches/dizziness caused by vertigo, calms, relaxes, helps control anger/stress and more

The energy of this attunement clears trauma/Relieve Headaches/Removes Dizziness caused by Vertigo and produces a great vibration to control and relieve serious or mild trauma It also assists to make and keep  us calm and relax. It also can be used to control anger and stabilize the pounding heartbeat. It’s very useful for those who work in occupations with high stress levels.

This energy can also relieve headaches and to restore the brain intelligence that has become diminished because thinking too hard.

Traumatic controller Vibration reduces dizziness caused by vertigo, by stabilizing the dysfunction of peripheral structures to the brainstem and will ease balance disturbance in an area centered in labyrinth or the cochlea in the ear that causes the sensation of spinning and loss of balance; as well as facilitating blood flow to the brain. This energy sends a soft vibration to calm nerves and providing a pleasant of relaxed sensation.

Soul Care Levels 1-5 From Mariah Windsong – Value $69.99

Soul Care© Levels 1-5 Brand New from Mariah Windsong Soul Care© assists you to connect more strongly with your soul, and Eternal Sacred Source. The Shakti and Beings of Light who arrive with this energy system to guide and heal you are very happy that you will be asking for their help. They will be present every time you activate a function or level of Soul Care© & will be a comfort and reminder of your origins beyond this time and place. Soul Care© energy system seeks to bring you into wholeness within your soul and bring more of you here. There are 5 levels to this system.

Soul Care Level 1 contains the attunement to the Rainbow Bridge Shakti. Shakti are delicate and powerful Divine Intelligences who are sensitive to their surroundings. This means that your sincerity and attention to purity of heart is necessary otherwise they will hide and not activate when you call upon them. Rainbow Bridge Shakti is a Loving Divine Intelligence that you can ride with from here to where you connect into the Heart of Eternal Sacred Source. You ride with her on a Rainbow Bridge from here to your Higher Self, Soul, and onwards to the place where you connect into the Heart of Eternal Sacred Source.

Soul Care Level 2 attunes you to the natural spin-speed ratio of  Krystal Spiral and Sequence, the Eternal Merkavah. Eternal Ascension aligns with energy that is self-sustaining from the center point of creation and is self-regenerating instead of inorganic and finite. Soul Care© Level 2 provides you access to a spiritual concept called Aspect Management©. This gives you an easy energetic way to manage the focus and activities various aspects of you are engaged with at any one time. We all split off aspects of ourselves whether we are aware of it or not.  Being aware of when and why this is happening is important.  Purposefully managing how many aspects are busy doing what will give you the ability to pull more concentration of you present in the NOW when you need strength.

Soul Care Level 3 does the initial cleansing of any karma, codes, imprints, limiting harnesses, implants, nano-tech or limiting belief programs which are not in alignment with the Heart of Eternal Sacred Source.    Level 3 does the first soul cleanse for you and lights your soul lights.  It is your responsibility to reactivate frequently.  Doing this daily will ensure optimal healing, growth and freedom.  Cleansing and regeneration is a gradual process.

Soul Care level 4 is designed to facilitate soul parts to return to your soul. These soul parts are then worked with intensively by the Strength Movers of the Light and your own Angels and other Helping Healing Ones in the Light of Eternal Sacred Source. This differs from ‘traditional’ soul retrieval work in that your soul parts are called to return directly to your soul first, rather than to the incarnated you here in body. There is an increased efficacy in this work by encouraging your soul parts to re-unite within your soul, prior to their invitation to join you here on Earth in body.

Soul Care Level Five.  For our final level of Soul Care there is assistance and transportation provided to bring parts of your soul here to integrate with you in physicality. We call this Descension and Integration. It is very difficult to ascend until you have enough concentration of yourself here in physicality. It is necessary to more fully descend before you can easily ascend.

Soul Care level 5 will assist the bringing of more of you here, today, for your life. A strong concentration of your soul here in body gives you ease of eventual ascension because more of your natural Divine Attributes are present here. Start thinking about your soul, what parts of yourself do you yearn for? There are not likely names here, simply a tug, a feeling of missing a part of yourself that you feel or think might be out there at the higher levels. Pray and declare that you are ready to receive the parts of you that are ready to descend to you, here in body and integrate with you, here.


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