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Bajan Grid by Lisa Mara Okic – Trauma, Vows, Promises, Renunciations, Unresolved Karmic Connections, Mental Wounds and more

Founder: Lisa Mara Okic

Quote From the Founder, Lisa Mara Okic

“The grid itself is lit in a bright green-yellow light. It is not rigid, it will always keep to the facts and you can do it for days to keep around you. It will carry you, and give you the strength you need.

  • It helps you to process trauma and to transform. Especially when it comes to a trauma, which you will have long employed with, against which you have already fought so many times and you even thought: “I´ve done it!!!” and then … then it picks you up again. With the Bajan Grid you can now finish a chapter for good. There you can even reveal a way, as it can go on now.
  • It is also suitable to fetch themes to light. Maybe you have a topic that subliminally repeatedly blocked and slows you, but you can´t see what it exactly is. If you are in treatment with the Bajan Grid, ask for it now that it is clear to you, that you now want to take a look at it, then you will now be granted this request. And do not worry, I’ve rarely seen a energy, that allowed me to process it smooth and integrate it. I do not say that you will perform dances of joy when you become aware of a trauma. But you have the necessary inner distance and protection of the grid, so that you won´t need to go through the emotional depths of trauma again.
  • Mental wounds caused by trauma, may heal with the Bajan grid finite.
  • Vows, promises and renunciations that you have expressed, or was demanded of you, in previous lives, can use the Grid Bajan to be withdrawn. I say consciously withdrawn, because some people tried to solve a vow, however, most souls already ensured that it is not so easy. But space and time exist only in our minds, and so by the Bajan grid, such a contract in place will be withdrawn. Maybe you do not know, when and why you have made such a vow, then you can now ask for this information. In a meditation with the power grid you can get exactly these informations then. And this will happen again with the necessary inner distance!
  • If there is a person with whom you had been quarrels in a previous life, so called karmic connections, that are still unresolved, then you can also ask for clarification and reconciliation. Again, the issue is solved directly at source, karmic bands are resolved, so it is good for everyone. Am don´t be afraid of such a clarification without the consent of the other person to ask. It will always happen to you both as well!”



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