Ascension Reiki 1 – 10 – Tenfold Nature of Divine Love



A Healer is born by receiving an Attunement. With this Universal experience of an attunement, Universal Life Force Energy,Universal Love,Divine Love begins to flow automatically into and through the practitioner whenever they place their hands on themselves or another person, with the intent to heal. Right View and Right Attention begins with is the simple act of the laying aside of selfish interests or ego so that the Higher Will of the Reiki Source, our One Creator, may manifest to help or heal the person in need. By doing this the Higher Will of the “Reiki Source” manifests or flows through the practitioner into the receiver. It is the ki or prana that flows from Our Creator through the practitioner to the receiver that heals. The Reiki Source guides the flow and direction of this ki or prana to where it is needed most to bring the highest good to the receiver. The Higher Will of the Reiki Source is Universal Love. As we progress on the path Right View of the Four Noble Truths becomes a part of our lives. A realization that if we place our attention on Love and Our One Creator we enter the Mode of Innocence and the Presence of God frees us from the inertia of the world and universe. The darkness made by the habits of our corrupt nature is dispelled and suffering begins to fallen away.

The Ten Degree Attunements of Ascension Reiki attune the subtle anatomy of our whole being with Reiki Healing Energy. The attunements of ten aspects of our total subtle anatomy opens us to the fullness of Reiki for healing, service and personal growth. The Ten Degree Attunements of Ascension Reiki open us up to the tenfold nature of Divine Love and the tenfold nature of our being.

The Ten Degrees of Ascension Reiki: 

* 1st Degree – The 1st Degree attunes the Acting Body. The Acting Body (Conscious/Unconscious/Physical Body/Seven Bodily Systems and the 5 Senses).

* 2nd Degree – The 2nd Degree attunes the Thinking Body. The Thinking Body (Collective Conscious/The Collective Unconscious/Seven Auric Fields and the 5 Pranas within the Body).

* 3rd Degree – the 3rd Degree attunes the Feeling Body. The Feeling Body (Cosmic or Universal Conscious/The Cosmic Unconscious/The Chakra System)

* 4th Degree – The 4th Degree attunes the Karmic Body – The Karmic Body (God Conscious/The God Unconscious/Golden Light Eternal Body/Meridian System – Conceptual Vessel/Governing Vessels and the 12 Organ Meridians).

* 5th Degree – The 5th Degree attunes the Mind of the Practitioner.

* 6th Degree – the 6th Degree attunes the Soul of the Practitioner.

* 7th Degree – The 7th Degree attunes the Spirit of the Practitioner.

* 8th Degree – The 8th Degree attunes the Will of the Practitioner.

* 9th Degree – The 9th Degree attunes the Energies to your Higher Self.

* 10th Degree – The 10th Degree attunes the Sacred Heart within you.


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