Freya’s Warrior Heart Empowerment Attunement


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Prerequisite – Thor’s Hammer attunement –

Founder: Jay Burrell

Goddess Freya, Viking Goddess, is gentle and compassionate but she is also a WARRIOR and she will empower you to find that Spiritual Warrior within you by giving you that Spiritual Push to find your inner power.

Goddess Freya will help to release you from fear and give you courage, strength, confidence and power to break down those barriers to your Spiritual Growth.

She helps you to find the Goddess within you and enables you to be strong and independent and to find the power to tackle anything that serves as a block between you and your spiritual growth so that you are in charge of your spiritual path.

The energy will help you reach your Higher Potential Spiritual Growth and bring you a multitude of blessings.

This system encourages you to release any energy patterns from your lives that prevent you from becoming warrior healers! There is a wonderful meditation that is provided that guides you through doorways where you must embrace all areas of your life good and bad and accept them.

This allows you to embrace the part of yourself that has been hidden. During your attunement process, Goddess Freya will etherically give you a sword and shield just for you that will aid you in battling energies that you will be releasing.

It will cut negative karmic cords and connections to people or places that do not serve your Highest Good. The shield is used to push away and protect you from these energies.


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