The Meridian Healing Re-Alignment – Align, Balance & Clear your Meridian System



Prerequisite: None

he Meridian Healing Re-Alignment was channeled in December 2020 by Jay Burrell.

The Meridian Healing Re-Alignment is an energy system that incorporates the universal life force energies to help align, balance and clear the meridians within the spiritual body. This attunement also works by giving you the energetic tools that you can use to bring optimal functioning to the health and overall well-being of your meridian system. Each energy function that is given within this manual have been designed to support your energy hygiene practices and personal self development. The Meridian Healing Re-Alignment is also easy to use due to it working via your heart felt intention. The attunement that accompanies this empowerment can be used in a general sense by activating each energy function to flow through your etheric background which will allow it to work in line with your highest good to ensure the optimal health of your meridians. You can also use a combination of the given energy functions to bring a new and balanced energy to your overall spiritual health.

You will learn about the following Energy Functions and how to use them during a self healing session: 

* The Meridian Healing Re-Alignment Energy Function.

* The Meridian Clearing Re-Alignment.

* The Meridian Repair Re-Alignment.

* The Mental and Emotional Meridian Re-Alignment.

* The Frequency Balance Meridian Re-Alignment.

* The Meridian Chakra Balance Re-Alignment.


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