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Founder: Geom

This is trully a wonderful workshop full of light and zen no-mind. You will receive and enjoy all the benefits of both reiki and zen and their zen healing fusion.


“What is Zen” Meditation

Zen Paradox Meditation

The Scented Ocean

Zen Meditation: Who Am I? Who Are You?

Breathing Meditation

Buddha Breathing Technique

Madness versus Silence Meditation

Prajna Meditation: Emptiness

Enso Infinity Meditation

Nirvana Meditation

Tanden Meditation

Kensho (Enlightenment) Meditation

Shikantaza No Techniques Meditation.

Sand Meditation

Awareness: Colours and Sounds

Awareness: Beyond Colours and Sounds

“What is Zen Reiki” Meditation

Zen Reiki Symbols

Zen Reiki Attunement

Zen Reiki Tanden Empowerment

Zen Reiki Enso

Zen Reiki Kensho

Zen Reiki Tao Clearing

Zen Reiki Karma Clearing

Zen Reiki Dharma Healing

Zen Reiki Jiriki


Wisdom of Buddha Attunement

Zen Bodhisattva Initiation

Acceptance & Wonder

Zen Philosophy

Levels:  1
Symbols: 13
Founder: GEOM!* Giorgos Mylonas, 2005
Prerequisite: Reiki 2 or 3



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