Divine Light Reiki



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I. What Is Divine Light Reiki?

II. The Principles of the System

III. The Process of Giving Divine Light Reiki

IV. General Hand Positions

V. Prayers for General Use
Amatsu Norito (The Prayer of Heaven)
Zengen Sanji (Auspicious Prayer of Praise)
Kōhaijuka (Poems on Receiving the Light)
Prayer for Healing
Prayer for Happiness

VI. Attunement Methods
Synergy Reiki Method
Divine Light Reiki Reiju Method

VII. JOHREI (According to Iris Ishikuro)

VIII. Dai Kōmyō – An Okada and Usui Symbol

IX. Background Information
On the Church of World Messianity and Mahikari Johrei, the Medical Art of Japan
(According to the Johrei Fellowship) In Meishu-sama’s Own Words
What Is Johrei?
JOREI, the Medical Art of Japan – 2  (According to MOA International)
Kotodama and Mantra in Reiki
Kotodama – “Word-Spirit”
Kotodama and Mantra in Reiki Practice Johrei and Spirituality
Special Appendix for Khonsu / Khalid
“Searching for the Roots of Reiki”
The Original Article, in Japanese
Photos of Usui’s Gravesite
Levels:  1
Symbols:  9
Founder: Stephen Comee,
Prerequisite: Reiki Master



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