Arcturian Keys Synergy Healing Re-Alignment – Universal Healing for Mind & Body



Prerequisite: None

The Arcturian Keys Synergy Re-Alignment was channeled in 2022 by Jay Burrell.

Welcome to the Arcturian Keys Synergy Healing Re-Alignment. The guided energies of the Arcturian Keys were given to me after I channelled the Galactic Lightworker and Lyran Starseed Empowerment in May 2022. At the time of channelling, I experienced a deep spiritual cleanse where I clairvoyantly received a set of etheric keys that were encoded into my energy background. As I connected with each of the Keys, I was given insights into how they work and how they can be used to heal and re-align the mind, body & spirit both on a personal level and also professionally.

Some of the Keys that will be encoded into your etheric background include: 

* The Intention Antenna

* Extreme Situation Healing

* The Fear Removal Matrix

* Genetic & Cellular Clearing and much more

* The Liquid Crystal Re-Alignment

* The Arcturian Joy Machine

* The Light Temple Colour Baths

The Arcturian Keys will also help with the following and much more: 

* Raising personal energies to higher levels of conscious awareness.

* Cleansing virtues from the physical and spiritual bodies.

* Boosting the Immune system.

* Upgrading overall health and well-being.

* Relieving bodily pains.

* Easing prolonged illness.

* Removing energetic parasites, implants, cords, daggers, darts, attachments and much more.