The Spell Reversal & Imprint Removal Empowerment



Prerequisite: None

The Spell Reversal and Imprint Removal Empowerment was channeled in 2019 by Jay Burrell.


The Spell Reversal and Imprint Removal Empowerment has been channeled after many years of requests from students who have been victim of negative energies and spells which have been placed onto them by individuals who do not have their highest and greatest intentions in their heart. I have also been a victim of a negative spell recently where a teacher here in the United Kingdom took it upon himself to spiritual attack me with spells, curses and defamation to make himself look like the victim where in fact he was the one who was creating the negative influence which he tried to mirror onto me to hide his own negative influences. The Spell Reversal and Imprint Removal Empowerment is very different to any other attunement that I have channeled over the years in that its main goal is to remove harmful magical workings and spells so that the spiritual body can be restored, purified and restored to optimum wellness. This empowerment is also designed to work on clearing and purifying the environment to shield the recipient from further negative vibrations.

The Spell Reversal and Imprint Removal Empowerment works in distinct ways which simultaneously activate within your etheric background every time you use them. The energies put a stop to the harmful magic and spells so that they can no longer harm you or be part of your etheric environment. The energies of this attunement will immediately stop all forms of harmful magic or spells from functioning. As soon as the mechanics of the magic and/or spell has been disabled, they will be removed from your environment and energy body including your Chakras, Aura and Meridians. This attunement will also work to clear spells and negative energies from everyday objects if they have been curses or have come from someone who used them for negative reasons.


Within the manual you will learn about the following and much more: 


* Shielding & Prevention From Further and Future Attacks


* Spell Reversal Clearing Empowerment Functions


* The Spell Reversal Clearing Empowerment Functions


* Imprint Removals


* What Are Energetic Imprints?


* Imprint Functions and What They Can Be Used For


* The Imprint Removal Empowerment Functions and much more.


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