The Karmic Fire Cleansing Empowerment – Learn to Stand up to Spiritual Bullies


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Karmic Fire Cleansing Empowerment was channeled in 2021 by Jay Burrell

Karmic Fire Cleansing Empowerment is a brand new attunement that is very close to my heart because it has been channeled after personal experiences with spiritual attacks. This is also an attunement that is not for the faint-hearted and it is most certainly not for those who do not have the courage or strength to stand up to spiritual bullies!

Too often within the spiritual community, we are told that we can only send love and light to those who hurt us, bully us, attack us, even if these individuals have blatantly attacked us in the vilest and abusive way. Too often these bullies and attackers feel that they can get away with these acts because to fight back is seen as being unspiritual and not the way a lightworker or spiritual person should behave but it is now time to stand up for yourself and to say NO MORE!. This distant attunement has been designed to work with a powerful and life-changing energy that I developed after a vicious psychic attack that I experienced for over 2 years where the attacker took it upon themselves to abuse me both verbally and spiritually while at the same time, trying to defame my character with lies in order to make themselves look like the victim when in fact I was the victim of their lies, negativity and evil intentions. While I continued to try to live my life, helping my students and all who came to the Academy for their spiritual teaching, in the background, I was also constantly battling against this individual but it seemed that everything that I had learned over the years wasn’t working. This isn’t to say that psychic protection attunements do not work but if you find that no matter what you do, you are still fighting back to overcome the attacks then this new attunement is the way forward. You can also use this system alongside the Spirit Release Healing Method that I created to help those of you who wish to become a Spirit Release Healer to help others to overcome spiritual attachments, entity possession, and much more.

If you find that you have been battling spiritual attacks for many years this will have created an intense spiritual connection including etheric cords and psychic attachments which can be embedded into your auric field which makes it much harder to remove. The attacker can also create a long line of Karma which unfortunately will pull you into its grasp. Now while you continue to live your life by pouring your energies into your day-to-day life, you will also know that something is occurring within your etheric background where you are continuously having to fight back to clear the energies and to remove stagnant/negative intentions. If like me, you then finally have solid proof of who is doing this to you, you will be better prepared to utilise Karmic Fire Cleansing to fight back! When I first started to work with this energy, I was shocked at just how powerful it was. Not only did it immediately start the process of releasing all cords and negative connections with this individual but it also empowered me to stand up for myself and to stand up to all spiritual bullies. It is therefore my hope that after you receive your attunement that you will be better prepared to fight back to destroy the negativity that has been placed upon you by those who do not have your highest intentions in their hearts.

You will learn about the following and much more

* Introduction to the Karmic Fire Cleansing Empowerment.

* What is Karma and What is Karmic Fire Cleansing?

* How does Karmic Fire Work?

* How do you know if you are being Attacked?

* Intentional and Unintentional Psychic Attacks.

* Astral Psychic Attacks.

* Sleep Paralysis Attacks.

* Internal Monologue.

* Signs of a Psychic Attack.

* Protection Methods.

* Ritual Bath Cleansing.

* Clairalience – Extrasensory Perception through Scent.

* Developing Clairalience.

* Banishing & Banishing Jar Spell.

* Karmic Fire Cleansing Empowerment Symbols.

* How to use the energies of Karmic Fire Cleansing


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