Green Trilogy – Greenman, Green Fairy and Power of the Green




Green Trilogy brings you healing, magick and joy. It attunes you to three aspects of Green Nature Energy.

There are three levels to this system.

Level one : Greenman

The Greenman energies are connected to Nature Devas. The Greenman is an Earth Spirit. This attunement helps with fertility, gardening, healing Mother Earth, prosperity, and joy.

Level two: Green Fairy

The Green Fairy is a Nature Fairy. The Green Fairies are magicakal and help with healing you, animals, and others as well as connecting you to the energies of youthfulness, happiness, and laughter.

Level Three: Power of the Green

This attunement connects you to the magickal energies of plants for healing, magick, love, and beauty.

Together, these three attunements make up the Green Trilogy. The energies of each level of this system can be used by itself or together.



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