Order of the Golden Dragon



This ancient energy source has been used and suppressed many times having being rediscovered again in 2000 by a group of experienced mediums in Ireland after being lost for 1,800 years after it died out in France. The Golden Dragon comes from the same spectrum of energy as Reiki and Seichim and actually expands on this, by tapping into and accessing the energy of crystals, minerals and also that of higher dimensional energies.

Golden Dragon level 1 makes a strong connection to the Earth allowing you to pull up the energy of crystals, minerals and metals. These energies can be used for healing purposes (channelled through your grounding cord and lower main chakras). You will also be able to channel higher vibrational energies, which can be used mainly for emotional healing and balancing your energy bodies, through your higher main chakras. Level 1 includes information about this energy system, its first sacred symbol and how to perform healings for you, others, plants and animals. The Healing Order of the Golden Dragon attunements will substantially increase your grounding as well as open your lower chakras to the energies of the Earth and that of crystals and gemstones. Attunement should be followed by daily self-treatments for approximately 21 days. Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1.

Golden Dragon level 2 teaches you about what it means to be an official Golden Dragon teacher. This level also includes information about the second symbol and how to perform the attunements to levels 1&2. Golden Dragon level 2 provides a significantly stronger attunement than level 1 which is very grounding and further develops your healing and psychic abilities.

Golden Dragon level 3 should only be considered if you have done a lot of healing work on yourself and reached a high level in your energetic and spiritual development. The attunement to Golden Dragon level 3 will directly connect you to both higher and lower dimensions, which will further activate your multi-dimensional DNA strands and stimulate further changes in your chakra system.

This attunement actually creates a bridge between pure being-ness, or spiritual bliss, and the way you relate to it. You no longer need to do connect through and via other means, you are now the bridge and capable of connecting yourself. The connection to higher dimensions is open-ended which means that it will grow as you develop. There is no need for further attunement. Prerequisite: Reiki Master


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