High-Frequency Era Attunement package



By Marijana Gabrielsen

This package contains the following high-frequency attunements:

Metatron’s Cube of Wisdom

This energy is strongly connected to our Crown chakra. It is there to connect you to higher realms in a way that you gain your personal peace. It is excellent when you are at some crossroads in life, when you need to have a life-changing experience, when you need guidance and when you need to awaken wisdom that you naturally carry inside of yourself.This energy is good for awakening wisdom and ultimate awareness of connection to God. Metatron’s Cube of Wisdom is going to bring you personal peace, wisdom, and strength. You will be able to unlock your natural abilities and find the right way at any time of your life.

Archangel Raphael’s Sparkling Green Leaf

It is a very unique energy and the keyword for this energy is to be “fresh”. It is wonderful for healing on a cellular level of the physical body. It is great for healers to perform healing sessions for others. It is also good for people who perform sessions on themselves. It is the energy for slow and gentle recovery without cleansing procedures on our physical body. It rejuvenates the cells and makes us fresh for “new beginnings”! Why is it called a leaf? It is a metaphor for freshness and nourishment. It represents a pure life, health, natural healing, and something that helps us grow. It is a natural way of healing the physical body.

Pink Crystal from Goddess Venus

It is truly amazing energy of the new frequency and its intention is for love – pure and genuine. Not only is it good for partnership love, love for other people, love for God, but also for loving yourself! Many of us have a problem accepting and loving ourselves truly. Sometimes we tend to say we love ourselves, but we do not truly accept ourselves. This energy is great for accepting and respecting who we truly are. This gentle, yet powerful energy is great for partnership love. It is going to genuinely put your and your partner’s needs in the first place. It is going to help you balance your relationship where all needs are met and where acceptance is at a great level, depending on your ability to accept yourself and your partner.

Higher Frequency Booster from Archangel Gabriel

It is also the energy of a new era, of new frequency and it is amazing how it actually works! This energy is a “sparkling booster” that protects our aura and brings us to a higher frequency. Angels and Archangels are there for us always. They help and protect us, in a way that they respect our free will, granted by God. This energy is a great help to encourage us to accept their gentle guidance and pure love. In that loving state, we are prone to receive much more healing and light. This is the energy for a better life in general