Best Life Package




Life is too short – start living your best life now.

These attunements assist in clearing karma, imprints, negative perceptions, subconscious clearing, and align you with positive energies.

Includes the following manuals and attunements:

  1. #1 Spirit Generator
  2. Amazing Champ Energy
  3. Angelic Ishim
  4. Artermis Stone
  5. Dharma Prana Attunements
  6. Diamond Cutter Empowerment
  7. Embodiment of Angels Activation
  8. Fat Flush
  9. Healing Sacred Sound Frequencies
  10. Heart of Reiki Kundalini
  11. Imprint Removal Maintenance Attunement
  12. Light Dream
  13. Magical Fat Burner
  14. Magickal Bhumi Empowerment
  15. Maha Karal Empowerment & Karmic Buster
  16. Multidimensional Perceptions Bomb
  17. Raga Macan
  18. Shivakakomarpaj Activation Ceremony
  19. Spiritual Radiance Healing
  20. Subconscious Clearing Maintenance Attunement
  21. Tantra Masters Rainbow Diamond
  22. Thor’s Hammer Empowerment
  23. Weight Loss Reiki


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