Receiving messages from the other side – Mediumship



Mediumship can be one of the most rewarding gifts that someone can possess. The look of joy on a bereaved person’s face when they have received even the shortest message from their loved one is one of the best sights that you will ever behold. The immense feeling of satisfaction that a medium gains from helping someone realize that death is not final; the comprehension that our loved ones live on in our hearts and minds, that their ‘energy’ or ‘life essence’ is constantly around us, is one of the most beautiful things a Medium will ever experience. The effort that you, as a Medium, put into discovering how to give these messages to the best of your ability will reflect in your work. This course is intended to help guide you through the learning process. Many times I have been asked “Can anyone become Psychic?” The answer to this is very simple. Everyone is born with Psychic abilities (a sixth sense); think of babies in the crib looking at some ‘unseen’ being and laughing and gurgling at them. Think of a child with his/her imaginary friend or those many ‘weird’ co-incidences.

One of the main problems we encounter is how we can keep these abilities in a useable and workable state throughout our lives whilst trying to juggle life’s commitments. This is an extremely tough, and for some impossible, task. This is why many people develop their abilities later in life. Very young children are prone to seeing spirits because they have not been conditioned otherwise, when they reach school age this is usually drummed out of them by family and peer pressure. “Don’t be silly, people will think you are mad”, “Act sensibly”, they are told.

The abilities still stay with us, but they are much more deep rooted, and harder to access, as we do not tend to use them through fear of being ridiculed; telling someone that you hear voices can be met with some very negative response. These abilities tend to resurface strongly during teenage years/puberty, only to be pushed aside again as the sexual energies start to die down.

We all have a huge portion of our minds that we do not use, where a lot of long forgotten information is stored. To work with Psychic ability is to tap into this area of the brain and make it function in the way nature intended. Outside influences, people thinking that we are ‘a little odd’ and giving us a wide berth, embarrassment, lack of confidence; all contribute to us putting this ability to the back of our minds to be stored there, unused, for eternity in some cases. We can re-awaken these senses.

This course will offer you information and exercises in connecting and communicating with your deceased loved ones in clear and profound ways. It is gleaned from my years of personal experience and inquiry. My intention in creating this course is to help you understand the language of the Spirit World in a way that helps you to enhance or develop your own personal connection to your loved ones that have passed on. What I know for sure is that the love never ends and just because someone has left their body does not mean that their spirit is gone. It is my hope that through this course you will begin to see the signs, learn the language and truly have your own personal experiences with the Afterlife in a way that you know for sure that they are still with you. I know that you can do it.

Module 1

Module 2
What is Mediumship/Channeling?
Why be a Medium?
Mediumship brings Healing
Mediumship Connects you to your Divine Self

Module 3
Different Types of Mediumship
Mental Mediumship
Physical Mediumship

Module 4
Am I too Old to be a Medium?
Mediums are Born at any Age
Childhood onset
Adult onset

Module 5
A brief History of Mediumship

Module 6
Are you a Psychic Medium?
Attunement: Open the Path to Mediumship

Module 7
Contact with the Other Side
Various Ways Spirits Communicate with Us
Angels as Guides
Communicating by Sign Language

Module 8
Do you have Fears about Mediumship
Start Removing Blocks and Releasing Repressed Fears
Exercise to Remove any Blocks of Fear

Module 9
The Value of Meditation in Mediumship
Basic Meditation Exercise
Advanced Chakra Meditation Exercise

Module 10
Differences between Mental, Physical & Trance Mediumship
Subjective Mediumship
Objective Mediumship
Attributes of Physical Mediumship
Trance Mediumship

Module 11
Why Chakras are Important in Mediumship
Which Chakras are the Most Important in Mediumship
Feeling the Energy
Emotionally Feeling the Message

Module 12
The Aura
How are the Aura and the Chakras Connected?

Module 13
How the Aura and Chakras play a Role in Mediumship
Aura Exercise
Seeing the Aura of Others
Chakra Exercises
5 Minute Total Chakra Balance

Module 14
Psychic Senses
Hand-holding Exercise
Clairsentience Exercise
Telepathic Communication
Basic Telepathic Exercise

Module 15
Why Spirit Communication?
Inspirational Mediumship
Physical Mediumship

Module 16
Your Spiritual Team
How to Identify your Spiritual Team
How to Hear your Spiritual Team and Angels
Meditation to Meet your Special Guide
Shielding your Energy
Psychic Shielding Exercises
Grounding our Energies
Attunement: Ascended Masters Connection

Module 17
Why you Need Psychic Protection

Module 18
Owning your Gifts – The Clairs
The Clairs Quizz
Being Present to our Spiritual Helpers
Intuition Journal
Raise your Vibration to the Frequency of Spirit

Module 19
Automatic Writing

Module 20
Meditation to Connect with those that Have Crossed Over
Getting Ready to Read
Enhanced Psychic Meditation
Disconnect from the Reading and the Person or Animal that you Read

Module 21
Symbols Book
Discover the Meaning of Symbols through Journaling
Choose a Symbol to Represent Various Situations in your Life
Symbol Assessment Reading
Symbol Divination Walk

Module 22
What is Psychometry
How was Psychometry Discovered?
How Psychometry Works
Developing Psychometry Abilities
How to Practice Psychometry

Module 23
How to do a “Blind” Reading
Reading Name Cards

Module 24
Communicating with Pets who have Crossed Over
How to Communicate with Animals who Have Crossed Over
When your Pet Agrees to Communicate with You
Cross Species Reincarnation
Where the Answers Come From
Common Questions and Answers about Pets

Module 25
Afraid you will Give a Bad Reading
How to Look Forward to Giving Readings

Module 26
Dreaming of Dead People
Was it a Visit from Spirit?

Module 27
Evidence and Spirit Messages
Characteristics that made the Spirit Communication Unique
Special Memories and Stories
The Importance of the Message
Wanting to Express Something They Did Not Get to Say Before Death
Validation of End-of-Live Decisions
Desire to Make Amends

Module 28
The Grief Process
The Traditional Five Stages of Grief
Denial and Isolation
A New Way to Grieve

Module 29
Ways to Improve your Mediumship Abilities
Dedication and Practice
Having Patience
Have a Sense of Responsibility
Build Trusting Relationships with your Spirit Guides
Mediumship is a Sacred Endeavour

Module 30
How to Help an Earthbound Spirit Cross Over
Why Does this Happen?
Channeled Symbol for Crossing Over
Attunement: Crossing Over Brigade
Extra: Chaneled symbol for helping departed souls cross over

Module 31
How Can we Help Suicide Victims
Helping Victims of Suicide Exercise

Module 32
Spiritual Circles
Open Circle
Psychic Fayres
Wholistic Practices
State, Federal and Government Laws

Module 33
Steps to Becoming a Professional Medium

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