Thriving Through Adversity: Building Resilience and Coping Strategies for Life’s Tough Times



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Negative situations and difficult emotions are a natural part of life. You cannot stop them from happening – you are going to experience troubling times. You are going to experience disappointment, you will lose people you love, you will face hardship at some point.

Your coping skills will carry you through. It is your reaction to life giving you lemons that determines whether you choose to make lemonade or drown under the weight.

Spending your life anxious and overwhelmed is no way to live. If every time you have a job interview you walk in convinced there is no chance you will get it, because why would anyone hire you, you are not coping in a healthy  way? If every time you are dealt a blow you sit and wallow in it, you are not coping in a healthy way. The longer you live without healthy coping skills the longer you will live with stress, anxiety and general unhappiness.

You can learn coping skills. You can hone those skills and you can unlearn the unhealthy ones you have relied on thus far. It is easy to pour another glass of wine to feel good for a moment. It is not easy to deal with the long-term health consequences that come from substance abuse.

Having healthy coping mechanisms to call on can help you move ambiguity and fear into peace and confidence.

Module 1


Emotion based coping and problem focused coping

Active v avoidant coping strategies

Unhealthy v healthy coping skills

Unhealthy coping skills

Healthy coping skills

Unhealthy strategies in action

Module 2

Why you need healthy coping skills

The consequences of denial and avoidance

Healthy coping strategies

Emotion-focused coping

Examples of emotion-focused coping






Cognitive distortions

Talking with others



Problem-focused coping

Examples of problem-focused coping skills

Time management

Social support

Avoid the problem

Problem solving

Final thoughts

Module 3


Some of the purposes anger serves

Impact of resentment on wellness

Signs of resentment

Coping strategies when resentments are ruining your inner peace

Identify primary emotions

Seek therapy

Practice forgiveness

Release the trigger

Be open-minded

Stay present

Practice empathy

Set boundaries and expectations

Implement kindness

Express your feelings

Module 4

Resentments workbook

Module 5

When your life is turned upside down

Major changes

Common illnesses linked to major changes

Coping strategies for dealing with major changes

Assess the situation

Accept the situation


Get support

Various types of groups you can turn to for support



Trained professionals

Establish a routine

Implement stress management strategies

Activities to release tension and regulate emotions

Practice self-care


Relaxation and rest

Set boundaries

Understand why setting boundaries is important

Focus on the facts


Module 6

When your life is turned upside down workbook

Module 7

When you feel ungrounded

Grounding methods



Emotional self-care

How grounding works

Grounding techniques

Put your hands in water

Pick up or touch items near you

Breathe deeply

Savor a food or drink

Take a short walk

Hold a piece of ice

Savor a scent

Move your body

Listen to your surroundings

Feel your body

Try the 5-4-3-2-1- method

Mental techniques

Play a memory game

Think in categories

Use math and numbers

Recite something

Make yourself laugh

Use an anchoring phrase

Visualize a daily task you enjoy or don’t mind doing

Describe a common task

Soothing techniques

Picture the voice or face of someone you love

Sit with your pet

Touch something comforting

Additional tips


Start early

Avoid assigning values

Check in with yourself

Keep your eyes open

Grounding techniques can be done anywhere

Connect with the earth

Audio:     Grounding meditation

Module 8

Life control

Coping strategies when you feel your life is out of control

Shift your perspective

Embrace uncertainty

Practice mindfulness

Seek support

Explore possible outcomes

Establish a routine

Stress reduction measures


Eat healthy

Sleep well

Module 9

Life control workbook

Module 10

When you feel your life has no meaning or purpose

The definition of purpose

A purpose gives you direction

Signs you might be lacking a purpose

Avoid unhealthy strategies

Find yourself – find your purpose

Take active steps to be a happier, healthier person

Identify negative thoughts that are holding you back

You possess a wealth of experience and skills

Introspection and self-reflection offer you a wealth of insight

Make a plan


Stress management

Methods of stress control

Reach out


Find your home

A feeling of belonging and recognition

Engage your Spirituality

Increase self-esteem

Routine and schedule

Adjust expectations


Module 11

When you feel your life has no meaning or purpose workbook

Module 12

Coping with failure

Coping strategies when reeling from failure

Embrace your emotions

Recognize unhealthy attempts to reduce pain

Practice healthy coping skills

Acknowledge irrational beliefs about failure

Develop realistic thoughts about failure

Accept an appropriate level of responsibility

Ask yourself what you can learn

Create a plan for moving forward

Find inspiration from those who have failed on their way to success

A few stories to get you started


Make a plan to move on

Conquer your fear of failure


Module 13

Coping with failure workbook

Module 14

Existential crisis (lack of purpose)

What is an existential crisis?

Are existential crises common?

What are the causes of an existential crisis?

Big life changes

Unexpected turns

Not feeling content with one’s life direction

Feeling out of control


What are the symptoms of an existential crisis?


Anxiety or depression

Loss of motivation

Decrease in social activity

Feeling lost and out of control

Substance abuse

Types of existential crises

The meaning of life

Questioning our values and reasons

Big life transition


Remaining true to ourselves

Ways to defeat an existential crisis

When should you see a doctor or alternative healthcare professional?

You don’t have to feel this way

Module 15

Existential crisis workbook

Module 16


The healing power of altered states

Coping strategies for trauma


Limit news consumption

Sleep well

Calming techniques

Deep breathing

Trauma breathwork

The connection between breathwork and trauma release

Three powerful techniques that can help

Biodynamic breathwork

How to do it

Holotropic breathwork

How to do it

Wim Hof breathwork method

How to do it

Safety considerations before trying breathing exercises for trauma

High blood pressure

History of panic attacks or psychosis

Cardiovascular disease


Pregnant women


Mindful wakeup: Start with a purpose

Mindful eating: Enjoying every mouthful

Breathe before eating

Listen to your body

Eat according to your hunger

Practice peaceful eating

If you don’t like it don’t eat it

Mindful pause: Rewire your brain

Trip over what you want to do


Social support

Behavioral activation


One day at a time


Module 17

Trauma workbook

Module 18


What is disappointment?

What are the causes of disappointment?

The first is called the “arrival fallacy”

Here is how it works

It means you are passionate about something

It is an opportunity for growth

It can make you stronger

Ways to deal with disappointment

Let it out

Get perspective

Know your own heart

Practice self-acceptance

Don’t let it fester

Know when to look for help

You are experiencing difficulty regulating your emotions

You are unable to focus on anything

You are unproductive and unmotivated

Your personal and work relationships are suffering

You no longer find joy in any of the activities you have always loved

Your sleeping or eating patterns are disrupted

Your physical health is suffering

You feel despondent about the future

How do you seek help?

Moving on from disappointment

Module 18

Disappointments workbook

Module 20

Manage overwhelm

Definition of overwhelmed

Overwhelmed by everyday life

Why are so many of us overwhelmed?

The impact of being overwhelmed

How to recognize the symptoms of being overwhelmed

Your sleep changes

You lose your sense of perspective

You are constantly tired

You constantly multi-task and procrastinate

You find very few things good fun

Your attitude towards food may change

Your self-esteem plummets

The control freak turns into a monster

How to take decisive action to conquer overwhelm

Issues with sleep and overwhelm

Lost sense of perspective and overwhelm

Procrastination and multi-tasking

No time for fun

Loss of appetite or over-eating

Lack of self-esteem

Control freak out of control

Module 21

Manage overwhelm workbook


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Emotional Mastery mini course + audio, video and transcripts

Ignite Passion in your Life

Ignite Passion in your Life Checklist

Ignite Passion in your Life Worksheet

6 Techniques to drive yourself to do great things in life

Be your Best Self

Ways to boost mental toughness

Coping strategies mind maps

Reduce stress feel better

Improve Self-esteem

Sources of fulfilment

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