Natural menopause




Menopause – Alternative medicine and natural healing
Menopause and its symptoms
Using alternative medicine for menopause
Hypnosis for night sweats and hot flashes
Paced breathing
Foods that contain phytoestrogens
Mindful breathing
Aerobic exercise
Natural sleep remedies for insomnia
The importance of reducing stress
Relaxation therapies
Mind-body practices
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Behavioral interventions
Maintaining Emotional Wellness
Positive thinking
Be kind to yourself
Co-ordinated care
Final thoughts

Anticipating menopause
Premature Menopause
Medical Menopause
Surgical Menopause
Transitioning to Menopause
Starting out
Identifying symptoms

ABC’s of menopause

Celebrating menopause
Talk about Menopause
Menopause: A new beginning
Reflect and respect

Dealing with early menopause
What is early Menopause?
Is it early or premature Menopause?
What are the symptoms of early Menopause?
What are the causes of early Menopause?
How is it diagnosed?
What are the complications?
What are my options for treatment?
Hormone-replacement therapy
Supplemental Calcium and Vitamin D
Strategies to deal with infertility
Talk therapy
What is the outlook?

Late onset menopause
Late onset menopause – What is causing your delay?
Pregnancy and late onset menopause
Effects of late onset menopause

What you need to know about menopause in your 20’s 
What is premature Menopause?
What are the symptoms of premature Menopause?
What causes premature Menopause?
Family history
Ovarian surgery
Exposure to toxins
Viral infections
Autoimmune disorders
Genetic differences
What are the potential health concerns of premature Menopause?
Heart disease
Anxiety, depression and other mood changes
Eye conditions
How is premature Menopause diagnosed?
How is premature Menopause treated?
What about children?
Finding support for premature Menopause

Your brain on menopause
Brain changes during Menopause
The Seattle Midlife Women’s Health Study
The SWAN Study
Changing hormones and the central nervous system
Increased cortisol levels during Menopause
Hormonal fluctuation during Perimenopause
Perimenopause, cardiovascular risk factors and dementia
Human studies on cognitive skills and Perimenopause
Studies supporting critical timing of estrogen replacement
The dreaded mood swings
Dealing with mood swings
Reducing stress
Relaxation and stress-reduction methods that can help
Taking a step back
Sleep helps
Natural ways to improve sleep

Women, stress and hormones
An in-depth look at stress
What is stress?
Common causes of stress
Signs of stress
The effects of stress on health
Three main stress hormones
Key considerations
The stress response: Women v Men
Women’s stress manifests in more physical ways
Stress, hormones and women’s health
Reduced libido
Compromises immunity
The heart and respiration
Muscle pain and body aches
Digestive disorders
Dysfunctional eating
Weight gain and belly fat
Emotional turmoil
Sleep issues
Memory problems
Acne breakouts
Changes in the menstrual cycle
Higher risk for cancer
Problems with concentration
Stress reduction techniques
Final thoughts

Menopause and osteoporosis
What is osteoporosis?
Causes of osteoporosis
How is osteoporosis related to Menopause?
Symptoms of osteoporosis
Diagnosis of osteoporosis
Incidental X-ray
Diagnostic studies
Bone mineral density test or bone mass measurement test
Who needs a bone density test?
Types of bone mineral density tests
Central DXA test
Other screening tests
Prevention of osteoporosis
Treatment options for osteoporosis
How do osteoporosis medicines work?
Hormone therapy for osteoporosis
Alternatives to hormone therapy
Weight bearing exercises for osteoporosis
Calcium in the management of osteoporosis
Preventing factures after diagnosis

Meditation and menopause

Introduction to meditation
Meditation to relieve Menopause symptoms
Mindfulness meditation for anxiety and depression
Practicing mindfulness meditation
Stress relief to reduce Menopause symptoms
Meditation for Menopause-related insomnia
Meditation may cool hot flashes
Scientific evidence
Body-scan meditation
Sitting meditation
Mindful stretching
Transcendental meditation
Basic steps for transcendental meditation
Kundalini Yoga
Final thoughts

Essential oils and menopause
Main essential oils for Menopause
Fluid retention
Loss of concentration
Digestive problems
Hot flashes blend
Day and night sweats blend
Water retention and bloating blend

Herbs and menopause
Over the counter herbal products
Hot flashes and night sweats
Mood changes, fatigue and insomnia
Vaginal changes
Low Libido (sex drive)
Herbal medicine glossary (21 pages)

Can CBD help with menopause?
What is CBD?
Can CBD oil help women who are going through menopause?
Which menopause symptoms can be treated by CBD?
Mood shifts
Sleep disturbances
Bone density loss
Hot flashes

Menopause diet
What is a menopause diet and how can it help your symptoms?
What are the best foods to eat during menopause?
Are there foods that make menopause worse?
How can I lose weight during menopause?
Menopause diet plan

Things women want men to know about menopause
What is the difference between Menopause and Perimenopause?
Be prepared for the long haul
It isn’t something you “just go through”
Every woman experiences Menopause differently
It is not always better than a period
There will be physical changes that will be hard to handle
The PMS doesn’t always go away
There will be shifting
Hitting the gym is essential – or, at least indulging less is
How to help her transition through Menopause
When it comes to mood swings
When it comes to sex
When it comes to her body
When it comes to confidence

Pros and cons of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Menopause and incontinence
Leaking pee – Is it a symptom of menopause?
Why is it not all about falling estrogen?
What else could be causing incontinence?
HRT and a leaky bladder
Why menopause is linked to leaking pee
What can I do if I am leaking during menopause?
Lose weight if you need to
Try pelvic floor exercises
Ask about other treatments
Do I need to see a doctor?

Yoga for menopause
How to
Contraindications and caution
Yoga for hot flashes
Links to poses

Menopause and heart disease risk
Not all menopausal symptoms are the same in terms of risk or discomfort
Menopause, hormones and heart disease risk
Heart symptoms often minimized in women
Are menopausal heart palpitations just part of a hot flash?
Millions of women could experience heart palpitations related to menopause
Midlife women with insomnia, depression and higher stress are more likely to suffer with heart palpitations
Could midlife heart palpitations be a symptom of a serious heart condition?
How to talk with your doctor about heart palpitations
How to monitor menopausal symptoms and collect info to share with your doctor

Menopause ritual – Honoring change
A meaningful Spiritual passage
What you will need


Menopause Reiki 1 – 3 (Value $39 / R556)
By Maria Joao Sereno
Menopause is a term used to describe the permanent cessation of the primary functions of the human ovaries: the ripening and release of ova and the release of hormones that cause both the creation of the uterine lining and the subsequent shedding of the uterine lining (a.k.a. the menses or the period). Menopause typically (but not always) occurs in women in midlife, during their late 40s or early 50s, and signals the end of the fertile phase of a woman’s life.

During the menopause transition years, as the body responds to the rapidly fluctuating and dropping levels of natural hormones, a number of effects may appear. Not every woman experiences bothersome levels of these effects; the range of effects and the degree to which they appear is very variable from person to person.

Menopause Reiki will help you with
Relief all symptoms of menopause:
Hot flashes
Mood swings
Sleep disturbances
Sense of loss
Back pain
Joint pain or muscle pain
Decreased libido
and more…

Womb Care (Value $17.99 / R257)
By Maria Windsong Couture

Womb Care from Mariah (Men receive to activate for the woman in your life)

If you are a man, you may want to be attuned so that you can activate these energies for a woman in your life who wants more healing on all levels. An attunement is a dose of energy frequencies that ‘match’ the energy of this energy system in general, and each function or attunement specifically.

Once you have received that dose of energy, your body and spirit will recognize that energy and easily access the energy stream from Eternal Sacred Source that IS the energy stream of this particular energy system.

Womb Care™ is a comprehensive energy system that brings you the CARE of all responsive eternal beings whose specialty it is to attend to the healing and wholeness of your body’s reproductive system – it attends to all the organs and body parts that make up your reproductive system below your belly button. Womb Care™ includes the energies of Cramp Pain Release for your monthly ease and comfort.

Womb Care™ also assists to bring your womb’s energy into wholeness. There are women who have had miscarriages, or simply feel the emptiness of having never carried a baby in their womb. Others have had their uterus and or ovaries removed by surgery. It is vitally important to bring the ethereal energy of your womb into wholeness by reclaiming the spiritual energy of your womb.

Bold Warrior Goddess Within (Value $25 / R375)
This system embodies the energies of many Warrior Goddesses so that when we are feeling overwhelmed in our lives we can call on the energies of this system to Find that Bold Warrior Goddess within to clear the path ahead and restore harmony, inner balance and peace within us – while empowering us to move ahead fearlessly. We can also evoke these powerful Goddesses for Protection.


Would you like to heal the attacks of feeling overwhelmed in life? If so, you have chosen the right healing system. In our life of hustling and bustling lifestyle of today we seem to suffer with periods of feeling simply overwhelmed and or defeated in our lives.

If we do not do something in those moments, then we find ourselves simply dying on the inside. The stress, anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm just eat away at us affecting all levels of our being. We lose ourselves in this cycle of mayhem and lose our personal will, strength, power and sense of self and sometimes it gets so bad that it can affect our physical health.
Thus, we are provided with this healing system so that the energies of this system can serve to reawaken the Bold Warrior Goddess within who is perilous and can accomplish any task big or small. The energies will reconnect us with our inner sense of direction and guidance. Then we connect to the truth of unlimited possibilities and potentials – and anything is possible. We can do anything we desire – all we have to do is put our minds to it and so it is done.

As we connect with the Bold Warrior Goddess aspect of our inner being we are able to get out of all the mental clutter and chaos in our minds and get in touch with our emotions – the realm of the heart (the heart chakra) – and get in touch with our Warrior Self aspect – the aspect of ourselves that can meet any challenge life puts on our path. We forget how much personal power we really have right inside us,

We sometimes forget about this Warrior aspect of ourselves and so these powerful Goddess energies blended together remind us – help us remember our true and courageous selves! We can then find the comfort of their protection in the midst of all of the chaos of hustling and bustling.
This system has a Spiritual Cleansing method that can be used for shielding and protection as well as assistance when we are overwhelmed plus much more.