14 Healing Plexus Activation Codes – Cellular Healing for Mind, Body & Spirit



Prerequisite: None

The 14 Healing Plexus Activation Codes were channeled in 2020 by Jay Burrell.

The 14 Healing Plexus Activation Codes has been channeled to provide you with a simple method to awaken, activate and maintain the healthy functioning of your 14 Plexus’s. The 14 Healing Plexus Activation Codes give you the ability to tap into the expansion of the chakras in order to bring forth pure awareness of the energy centres while at the same time establishing a direct spiritual connection between your soul self and the blessings of the divine consciousness (god/sacred source). This attunement has also been created to expand your sense of awareness in the process of ascension, spiritual healing and personal enlightenment. The Healing Plexus energy enters are all located within the Astral Body. I understand that the plural of Plexus is Plexuses but it sounds strange to pronounce so the default is to keep the latin version, with plexus for both singular and plural.

They are Divided into 3 Categories

* THE INTERNAL PLEXUS – These trigger the functions inside the physical body.

* THE TRANSPERSONAL PLEXUS – These trigger the functions outside of the body.

* THE EXTERNAL PLEXUS- These activate a manifestation of energy that is outside of the body.

All codes are to be repeated 3 times out loud or in your mind with the intention to reach the levels of your DNA and Cellular structure. As with many of my new channeled attunements this activation has been created in such as way that it will remain open ended. This means that as you continue to work with the energies, they will activate, open and expand the 14 Healing Plexus Activation. The benefits of this is that you will always receive the energies that you need at a specific time and you won’t be restricted by what the attunement is programmed to do. Due to the open ended nature of the energies, there is the potential for you to be blessed with new functions in how to work with these energies which will be specific to you and your needs. Therefore I encourage you to be as flexible as you can when using these energies in order for you to get the most out of them. Allow yourself to be open to new potentials and most of all have fun!

You will learn about the following and much more:

* The 4 Internal Plexus Codes.

* The Atmic Body and the 5 Atmic Senses.

* The 3 Transpersonal Plexus.

* The 7 External Plexus.